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Need help fast pleas

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Sabaku No Gaara

In the name of god the merciful
i m from egy so pleas any one post use english
in egypt we use free trick's Internet
but we have problem so i hop any one help me
we use some program me made it like x ip
cause no no ping in site's get replay
we have alot of host's free
so i need vpn good speed and dont need to get ping to play it
i wait any one to help me and god dont take of me
i wait pleas help

Sabaku No Gaara


but pleas choise one for me i dont know that programs
i need good program can use it for host like appldnld.apple.com
it's free host here
and pleas i need it good not like x ip not open face twitter
for all i need real good program like vpn use host's like i post
and important i need to use it without ping cause we dont have ping at any site
and some company get ping but speed is tooooooo bad
it can open any site but speed very slow
to open google i want stay 1 min
i wait all pleas help me and thanx for answer bro traying help me you are good :)

Sabaku No Gaara

i tray it and change config and not work
look sis :)
win i use this order: ping google.com -t
we have problem i dont have any site give me ping this is big problem
but we have host's like this host
like this host: appldnld.apple.com:80
we use it at home in firefox with proxy and it's good but we can't open any site http's and javascripte site's
like YôùTùbé facebook twitter
so i need any program i can use it like x ip but i need it open face twitter and YôùTùbé
and any site
so i hop u and all people help me
i wait answer
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