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Professora Akira

Oct 13, 2017
Just sharing a piece of motivation excerpt from a page

I don't know who needs to hear this,but i'll just leave simple prayer for your peace of mind,a calm heart and strenght
to overcome all obstacles and of whatever you're struggling right now.....

Dear Future Self,

I am hoping you are doing well.I hope you are happier than I am today.
and living the life we wanted.Right now,seems a tough battle,Been
having a lot of setbacks,feeling uncomfortable for no reason.
But maybe I was meant to feel this way because I wanted to grow more.
Everyday is a struggle,but I am looking forward to finally meet where you at.

I just want you to be different than yourself now,Allow yourself to have setbacks
but do not be afraid of what set you back in the first place.Allow yourself to be
dissapointed and keep in mind that you might dissapoint people as well.
Don't be afraid to fail,beacuse that's how you wll learn.I hope you're not longer
crumbling under pressure,and I hope you;re not losing the fire in you heart
from the things that God has told us to do,Tto inspire and to becomean inspiration.
To move people closer to Him ,and to love them with all our hearts.To glorify His name.
because he is worthy of prase and worship.

I want you to see the same goal that I have today,butnot in the same spot
that I am looking at it from now.I have today,Wherever you are right now,
I want you to be able to recognize you from you prayers.

excerpt from JugieAranda
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