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Moonlighter v1.13.13 APK (Full Paid)


Nov 28, 2016
For PC Users
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Moonlighter v1.13.13 APK (Full Paid)​

Moonlighter is a pixel game where players and characters explore the world inside mysterious dungeons and what’s going on in the nearby village. You can choose the right difficulty to start with and gradually change if you encounter too many challenges. At the same time, you will be able to traverse many different environments and fight against enemies with impressive strength. So the weapons that you upgrade in the game and skills will be the key to help you fight them.


The Discovery Journey of the young owner​

The story that players learn in Moonlighter is set in a world with the existence of mysterious dungeons. Over time, a village named Rynoka was also established close to these dungeons, and the high-ranking social classes in this village were Heroes and Merchants. But this didn’t last too long as their work became unstable, and the dungeons became completely dangerous. That leads to difficulties for many people and especially for the main character.

The main character you control in this game is an owner of a shop that has appeared in this village for a long time. Of course, he is also facing many difficulties with his current job. One day he decided to participate in the dungeons. The main character’s journey also begins here, and the weapon he carries is just a broom. From there, you will start the process of confronting complicated mechanics as well as enemies that gradually appear before your eyes.


Choose the difficulty level right for you​

When starting Moonlighter, the player will need to choose the difficulty level you feel is suitable for the player. Three difficulty levels in the game include Easy, Normal, and Hard. Besides the difference in difficulty that players experience, some mechanics will change depending on the problem selected by the player, such as auto-attack mode. But players can freely choose, and you can later customize it if you don’t feel right with the current mode of experience.


You will know the mechanics in the game and each exclamation point that appears in each stage; the player will read the in-game instructions. You can move normally or glide through dangerous entities, gaps between two terrains. Everything will be expected until you face the many hazardous entities in the dungeons. So you won’t be able to fight against them, and after losing the battle, you will go back to your village.

Against many dangerous entities​

After the player returns to the village in Moonlighter, the player will begin with the main gameplay. Gameplay in the game is divided into two, corresponding to day and night time. The activity that you can experience is taking over the village’s old shop. At the same time, you can also rediscover dungeons and fight enemies you’ve encountered before. Instead of hitting them with a broom, you can be armed with impressive swords.


You will be able to use weapons and fight the enemies that appear inside this game. You will go through 4 different dungeons in the game, and each will have monsters and bosses that you must overcome. Besides monsters with normal strength, bosses with high health and large size are also a concern you need to face. So, over time, you’ll find ways to upgrade your weapons and counter them.

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You do not have permission to view the full content of this post. Log in or register now.


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