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Cheat MLBB Esp maphäçk Permanent


Feb 5, 2017
🔴 Update MOD

Papalitan nalang po ng Dot(.) Yung emoji pag Oopen yung link

Link Download Mod :
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🟢 New Channel : https://www.YøùTùbé😅com/channel/UCi3YXOmRRZBGB_YAjdpUdwg
Version Mod : Permanent

Tutorial Download Mod : https://youtu😅be/rPeRTDO2jWw
Tutorial Install Mod : https://youtu😅be/bmiyB98ES88
Tutorial Fix Recource Ilegal : https://youtu😅be/tlUMiSlce38
Tutorial Get Key : https://youtu😅be/S0g861Kf6-c

~ Free Mod
~ 1 key 1 day
~ 1 key all device 1 day
~ Safe Main Acc

[ Fakecez Modz ]
• Mobile Legends Bang-Bang
• 32bit / Android 7++
• Support Advance Server

Feature Mod :
• Menu Frame Rate
➡️ FPS Settings
• Menu Esp
➡️ Esp Player Room Info
➡️ Esp Player Line
➡️ Esp Player Box
➡️ Line & Box Size
➡️ Esp Player Distance
➡️ Esp Player Health Bar
➡️ Esp 360° Alert Color
➡️ Esp 360° Alert Icon
• Menu Show
➡️ Show Rank Enemy
➡️ Show Enemy Cooldown
➡️ Cooldown Text Size
➡️ Show Enemy Icon Map
➡️ Show Enemy Bar-Info
➡️ Show Hero Name
➡️ Show Player Name
➡️ Show Monster Jungle
• Menu Camera
➡️ Drone View Horizontal
• Menu Battle
➡️ Unlock All Skin [All-Mode]
➡️ Unlock All Emblem [All-Mode]
• Menu Auto Aim-Lock
➡️ Betrix Ultimate
➡️ Kimmy Ultimate
➡️ Granger Ultimate
➡️ Flameshoot
• Auto Clear Logs & Cache
• Auto Clear Logs & Cache
• Auto Clear Replay & Battle Record

Hello all YøùTùbé content creators... I never forbid you to upload or create content on my mod... but please don't step over my shortlink.. please don't upload directly from mediafire.. keep supporting Fakecez YT.. to continue to update the mobile legends mod for all of you...

#CTTO -FakecezModz


Honorary Poster
Waa kaya dami chea_ters, may pang pa LAG pa iba

Pwede to sa new mlbb accounts

Baka permanent BAN bagsak Old accounts na marami skins, pag na detect, hehe


inabot nko ng tatlong oras di pa rin ako makakuha ng key. ang gulo. legit ba to? may nakakuha ba dito ng key?