Tutorial MIUI v7 for Galaxy S5 G900F


Jan 14, 2016
This ROM for galaxy S5 is my favorite rom as of this time because it has a theme engine that has many of customization

Full wipe recommend to fix bugs
Flash MIUI v7
Setup phone
Flash Miui_Fixes_6.3.12.zip


don't sign into MI account if wanting to apply themes and download paid themes

For notification icons in status bar instead of dots settings/notifications/notifications icon

1) Enable Chatheads and Notifications

Settings - Apps - App Name
For example Facebook Messenger - Show Notifications - Enable how you would like to be notified
Facebook Messenger - Permissions - scroll to bottom and enable Display Pop-Up Window

2) Enable developer options

Settings - About Phone - tap MIUI version 7 times
Developer options with appear in Settings - Additional Settings

3) Disable Lockscreen completely

Settings - Additional Settings - Developer Options - Enable Skip Screen Lock

4) Apply Downloaded Themes from Web

Install WSM framework You do not have permission to view the full content of this post. Log in or register now. and apply the framework.
Install You do not have permission to view the full content of this post. Log in or register now. and active this module in WSM

Import your download themes via Theme Manager and apply

5) Torch on Lockscreen

you can turn on torch on lockscreen by long pressing the home button just like in V5. But if you want it to stay, you'll need to press the Power button, otherwise the torch will turn off after 2 seconds. This is to prevent misoperation.

6) Icons are scattered?

The apps on your screen are sometimes scattered, want to arrange them automatically?? Enter home screen editing mode, and shake your phone, the apps will get automatically arranged (Not in alphabetic order).

7) Notifications

Notification page:
1) The easy one, you can just press once on the notification and it will send us to the related app
(everyone knows that)
2) We can discard the notification just swiping it to the right side of the screen, but...if we want to discard it by swiping to the left, we have to swip a little to the right and then swip to the left. The last one it's a little tricky but it's necessary because if you don't do in that way you will get to the toggles page.
3) Another interesting thing that we can do with our notifications is to modify if we want to show the related app in the notification shade and if we want to show it in the keyguard. To do so, you only have to long press on the notification and then you will be prompted to change such options.
4) we have the option to discard all notifications, just pressing on the "X" placed on the bottom.
5)We can pinch with two fingers on some notifications to expand them for getting more information, options like share...

8) How to Use Password to Protect Individual Apps

Settings - Privacy - Privacy Settings - Lock Individual Apps - Set Pattern and choose apps to lock

9) Compass and Spirit Level

Open Compass and swipe left for Spirit Level

10) Recents Apps

Press Menu key or Long Press depending on setting.
Pinch out to change the look

11) Backup Apps/Wifi/System settings/Accounts

Settings - Additional Settings - Backup & Reset - Local Backup

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credits to MIUI forum & XDA