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Android Themes Minimalist Icon Pack v5.1 APK (Patched)

Professora Akira

Oct 13, 2017
Minimalist – Icon Pack is also one of the wise choices of users when they want to change icons for their general settings. This is an attractive featured application with a huge capacity of icons, with many new features that contribute to making the settings more unique. Moreover, the application also has the presence of entirely new features that promise to make users excited and choose immediately for their mobile devices. There will be many exciting things waiting for us in this application.
The harmony between novelty and modern things has helped the application win the hearts of many users, including fastidious users.
Currently, more than 6,300 icons from different themes have been released to the market by Minimalist – Icon Pack and received many positive compliments and encouragements from users. Many unique ideas have been launched and are becoming more and more perfect for serving users’ needs.
There is a perfect combination of colors and the way the icons are constructed that make for a fascinating accent. Each icon pack will have all the appropriate icons for the settings, and if you want to combine this pack with another, you can use the clipping feature for support. The application promises to bring new


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