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Lazada philippines’s cod is a safe bet – a review

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norma reyes

Jun 21, 2012
Don’t get so caught up with ordering online using your credit card. There’s no possible way you can track where your information goes or how safe your information is. Let me share with you my take on online buying. No, I’m not a hater. In fact, I’m an avid online shopper. But just like anyone I’m also prone to making mistakes and getting scammed. That’s why I always make sure that every step of the way to getting something I want is clear cut and clean. The most effective payment method I know of is cash on delivery. Not all shopping sites offer this kind of option but hopefully, more companies will see its benefit in the future. Cash on delivery is a payment method where a customer isn’t required to pay any initial down payment and is only asked to pay upon the arrival of the item/s ordered. The amount needed will be surrendered to the person who delivers the item. This is mode of payment I consider as the safest because the customer is not put to risk in any way.

If ever the delivery does not transpire, no lost will be made on the customer’s part. Any person who doubts the legitimacy of the sides they order from regardless of how many seals of approval or assurance they receive will find this kind of method very effective to them. Lazada Philippines is one of the e-commerce websites established in the Philippines that is familiar with this kind of payment transaction. It is owned by German entrepreneurs referred to as the Samwer brothers who created Rocket Internet, an internationally acclaimed online venture builder. They have other branches of Lazada in countries like Malaysia, Singapore and India but what sets our own version of said site apart is the fact that it is ran by both international and local developers. Our interests are taken into consideration given the number of people of the same ethnicity as us involved in the process of creating Lazada. Cash on delivery will greatly benefit those who refuse to give out personal information over the internet or those who refuse to get out of their apartments to make payments. If you think about it, online shopping becomes irrelevant if one has to go to a bank to process their payment. Online shopping after all was created to serve its customers best by making it as convenient as possible.

People don’t understand the importance of security. Some people belittle the possibility of them becoming victims because they think that the chances of them being one of the few scammed shoppers are little. No one is safe from cybercrimes because once you participate in an activity such as online shopping which involves being part of the World Wide Web, you are exposing yourself to the possibility of making a big mistake. Cash on delivery is not marketed as much as it should be but for those who are already aware that it exists, I recommend you choose this kind of method amongst the others.
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