Android Themes Lanting Icon Pack: Colorful v10.5 APK (Patched)

Professora Akira

Oct 13, 2017
Lanting Icon Pack is a beautifying application for users’ phones with many different icons and features for users to choose to suit their preferences freely. But the app is only suitable for a few Android apps that are compatible with it.

Lanting Icon Pack is an application that makes your device more interesting. Each person will have a different preference, so it can create many different interfaces with many features, satisfying everyone. It is used for many types of phones with compatible Android.

Users need to pay attention when using Lanting Icon Pack. The application is not standalone, so users need to know if their device has a compatible Android launcher with it. Also, any factory-installed launcher does not support icon packs, and if you want the app to refund, you must make a request three days in advance so it can be processed in time.

This application makes users’ phones more colorful and less tedious. The application has many attractive features, making the phone more convenient for users. However, users should note when using that. The application can only work with devices with compatible Android launchers, so make sure your phone can use this application.

📌Key Features

  • It changes the user’s device interface to make it more unique, more unique, no longer boring as usual
  • The application has many icons for users to choose from and often change according to their wishes
  • With the new version, the application also updates 25 new icons and updates many activities, fixing screen shrinking issues.
  • Users need to know if their device has an Android launcher that is compatible with the application
  • In addition, refund requests or other incidents need to be made three days in advance for timely handling measures.

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