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Aug 31, 2015
kayne collins the emo kid

You might have guessed from the title that he\\\'s name is kayne collins...I could have taken a more serious topic like \\\"global warming\\\" or\\\"global economic crisis\\\"but i don\\\'t know why writing about kayne seemed better however i know it\\\'s not worth writing or useful to any of the readers..so if you are in search of something educational or worth reading then you may stop now.. So..kayne collins was an emo...I always found it amusing how his first name matches with Kayne West and last name with Phill Collins..but he was not close to any of the two. I could have used some other word than emo to describe kayne but this seemed shorter and it simply states the fact one must understand,he\\\'s an emo..For many of us who don\\\'t know what emo is \\\" It is a state of mind and it got to do more than just hairstyle and clothes..emo\\\'s are those who has got the ability and strength to expess their emotions as they are and not fake it like the normal people\\\"at least this was what emo meant according Kayne.for me it simply means \\\"sucidal\\\".I find emos like \\\"goths\\\" and I can never tell the difference between the two..when i told this to Kayne he changed the colour of his face unlike i\\\'ve ever seen him..He\\\'s face seemed like he\\\'s gonna sprung on me and kill me.i\\\'ve never tried to talked to kayne about what he is(an emo)after that.if you know what emo is, by now you would have guessed what songs kayne listened to or what he wore..but for better understanding i would like to describe it..kayne dressed usually in black..with a queer t-shirt, a pair of black pants which i always wondered how would he have got into it and how would he take them off coz it seemed so tight and the worse (and best part for some)his hair...It seemed more like an eye ρá†ch like those of pirates to hide their eye rather than hair..Those greasy bunch used to be just on top of his eye(his left eye to be exjact). He would always be trying to fix his hair in the mirror with several motions of swishing the hair out of his eyes, and then placing it over his left eye again. this he did like it was an emo-ritual.And then kayne had several cut marks on his wrist like most emos do.another important thing about kayne\\\'s appearence was his snakebite piercings which made him look queerer.kayne usually used to have the same expression on he\\\'s face.i always wondered why kayne\\\'s like this and how he changed thismuch..he was not always like this,cold and dumb.infact he used to be the smartest kid of the class and an \\\"a+\\\"scorrer.there are many theories to this in school of why kayne turned into an emo from rumors like\\\"he\\\'s girlfrien died(it\\\'s not true kayne never had a girlfriend) to sillest theories like\\\"he was kidnapped by marsians who did this to him\\\"..but none of us ever knew the fact not even i. its not that i didn\\\'t try to know the fact ..infact i was the most affected person by the fact that kayne\\\'s no longer the same..this was because i never wanted to loose him.before starting to write about kayne i didn\\\'t think of including this strange prehistoric fact but it seems i\\\'ll end up saying it, kayne used to be my best friend,in fact we could be the bestest best friends you could have ever met but then things fliped..kayne went to his grandma\\\'s place for a week and then after returning he disappeard for a week and then there he was dressed in black with his greasy black hair on top of his eyes...i was shocked!!to see what you never expect is strange..and then it was over kayne went his emo way and i my straight path which i think is brighter.
it does hurt a lot to loose your best friend someone whom you thought would always be there but then you always got to move on and if things change you need to except it.so this is the end..and even if i believe in sudden changes in life i know one change would never occur,i turning like kayne,the emo kid.
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