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Jay Sonza explains why GMA Network is allegedly against a Marcos presidency

Notorious former journalist Jay Sonza has now his eyes set on attacking the GMA Network.

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Days after Bongbong Marcos’ imminent victory in the presidential race, Kapuso broadcaster Mike Enriquez addressed viewers and said: ““Mga Kapuso, binantayan po natin ang kampanya, ang botohan, ang bilangan, ngayon hindi pa tapos. Babantayan po natin ‘yung mga nanalo.”

He warned the politicians who won in the recent national elections that GMA journalists will be “watching” them carefully.

“Kayong mga nanalo, tandaan ninyo, magbabantay kami.” he said.

Enriquez was praised by netizens for sticking to journalistic standards.

However, Sonza had something else to say. In the comments section of the Enriquez clip, he shared a TikTok video of him explaining why GMA is allegedly against a Marcos presidency.

He said one-third of GMA is owned by “dummies” which is being “contested by Lucio Tan and Imee Marcos.”

“So naturally, if you are [Felipe] Gozon, you will protect na iba ang manalo para ‘di magalaw ang ownership.”

The video then showed GMA broadcasters with a long faces as they cover post-election. It also mocked Enriquez’s last remarks as the segment came to an end.

Netizens went after Sonza for promoting information dissemination through TikTok videos. The Marcos campaign relied on spreading disinformation on social media to assure that the dictator’s son would succeed Pres. Rodrigo Duterte.



hahahahhaha read the history para ma enlighten ka kung bakit? bakit nga ganun na lang ang iba na hindi ok sa marcoses you will know the truth hindi naman masama malaman yung totoo you have to be open minded kahit idolo o siya yung gusto niyo as president sana pag aralan kasi masiyadong na tayong blinded at nagbibingihan sa nangyari sa the past.