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It's my birthday today.

HAhh talaga ba? Hahh diba last year taken ka na yung taga ano hahahh ay ahahhahh
Oo 5 months na ako single.

Happy Birthday po! 🤗🥳
thanks abi :)
Happy birthday sayo pappy wancho more boylet to come wala bang pa burger dyan 😆🤣
hahaha thanks paps.
isa ka sa boylet ko dba ? ugh hahaha
happy birthday
thanks paps :)
Happy Birthday siz ,wish you love & happiness ,enjoy your special day 🎈
thanks siz. hehee tara shot na hehehe
sa 27 pa hehe
May ka rin pala hehehe
Happy Birthday ❤️we may not know each other ,but i wish you more blessings to come,more candles to blow and blessed journey of your life.

our age may add every year but remember enjoy and cherish life to the fullest and dont forget to pray above ❤️❤️❤️ Happy birthday po