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iPhone Tips-n-Tricks and Hidden Secret Service Codes

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May 9, 2016
Recently I got my hands on the new Apple iPhone 6S which comes with the latest iOS 9.1operating system and while using it for some time, I found some interesting features which I'm going to list in this exclusive article.

I'll also try to provide a list of some hidden secret features and service codes which can be used in iPhone and iPad to reveal useful stuff.

If you are an iPhone user, I'm sure you'll like these tips-n-tricks and secret stuff:

1. If you want to access recent or running apps list, press the Home button twice quickly and you'll see the App Switcher screen containing list of all running apps in form of card stack. If you want to close an app, just swipe up on the app thumbnail and it'll immediately disappear from the list.

2. You can see the time stamps of messages by dragging the message to the left and the time information will be revealed on screen.

3. We know that iPhone doesn't come with a "Back" button but you can use a gesture to go back. Just swipe right on Messages, Mail and other apps and you'll go back to the previous window.

4. Android mobile phones allow you to take screenshots using some key combinations as mentioned here. If you want to take screenshot (capture screen) of the current screen of your iPhone, press and hold Home button and immediately press Lock/Power button present on the right-side of your iPhone. It'll save the screenshot in Photos folder.

5. If you want to disable animations and other visual affects such as Parallax, etc, openSettings and go to General ->Accessibilitysection. Now enable "Reduce motion" option and it'll decrease animation time and will disable a few visual effects including parallax effect which will improve your iPhone performance and battery life.

6. iTunes software syncs your iPhone contacts in "C:\Users\User_name" folder in Windows operating system. So you can find all your iPhone contacts in that folder which will have .contact file extension. If you want to add new contacts in your iPhone. You can create the .contact files yourself and put them in "C:\Users\User_name\Contacts" folder. When iTunes will sync the content, it'll automatically add those new contacts to your iPhone.

7. Its a fact that you can't delete multiple or all contacts at once in iPhone as iPhone doesn't allow mass deletion of contacts in phonebook. But there is a workaround to overcome this problem and remove all contacts in once step. Remove all contacts from "C:\Users\User_name\Contacts" folder as this folder contains all iPhone contacts. Now open iTunes and go to Info tab and under sync contacts section, enable "Replace information on this iPhone" or similar option. Now sync contacts and it'll remove all iPhone contacts as the "C:\Users\User_name\Contacts" folder is empty.

8. If you want to temporarily stop automatic syncing in iTunes, just press and hold Ctrl+Shiftkeys together while connecting your iPhone to PC. It'll not start automatic sync in iTunes.

9. If you want to manually upgrade iPhone or iPad firmware/software and you have already downloaded the latest firmware's .IPSW file from Internet, you can manually install the latest firmware using iTunes without downloading the firmware again using iTunes. Open iTunes, go toSummary tab, press and hold Shift key and click on Update button. It'll open Browse dialog box, select the .IPSW file and it'll start installing the firmware to your iPhone or iPad.

10. iTunes regularly creates backup of your iPhone content such as contacts, etc. All these backups are stored in "%AppData%\Apple Computer\MobileSync\Backup" folder. You can access this folder by copy/pasting the folder path in RUN dialog box or Windows Explorer's addressbar and press Enter.

11. Just like Google Android mobile phones contain hidden secret codes and service menus, iPhone also comes with a few secret codes to reveal advanced menus and information which are used by technical experts and service center engineers. Some of these hidden secret service codes for iPhone are as follows:

3001#12345#* - To enter into Field Test mode
*#06# - To know IMEI number of your phone
*#21# - Call forwarding
*#30# - Calling line presentation
*#33# - Call barring
*#43# - Call waiting
*3370# - EFR (Enhanced Full Rate) mode
*#5005*7672# - Text message (SMS) center number

You may need to press Call button after entering the above mentioned codes into phone dialer screen.

That's all for now guys. If you know about any other interesting and useful feature, trick or hidden secret code, please share it in your comment and we'll add it to the list.

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