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I guess Im Different? What do you think?


Mar 28, 2020
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I don't know where to post it. So I decided to post it here , Besides It contains some love story (brief) of mine.

It all started a few weeks ago. I became a person I do not wanna be, because of someone who I admired and love the most. We've been together in 2yrs (I mean I've court her in 2yrs) but recently she busted me and says she doesn't feel the same as she felt before. In that moment when she says that , I almost cried but I'd stop myself to waste my tears (tho it is worth to cry) and make myself busy. So I browse my Social Media Accounts , read an articles, do the games until I found a series (Gameboys). This is my first time watching BL series and it is worth to watch tho it is ongoing. Days goes so fast and Im still watching the series, after watching the 8th episode of it. I suddenly asked myself if Im a Straight or just a Bi? 'coz I kinda attracted to both protagonist of the series and can't stop thinking and wait to its next update. So I've talked my best friend about this ( I dont Know Anything About Gender Identity) so I told her about what I feel 'coz im confused ( If Im Straight Guy or Bi) . She said it is QUEER i dont know what is that so I ask her and she says that Im just confuse to my gender Identity and also because of the series Ive watched.

In that day ,I cant stop myself to think about it. So I tried to make myself busy to forget it but the fate is so harsh . I couldnt forget until now.

What will you say? What do you think? Do I look diFFerent or abnormal?

Ps. Im into girls , I really meant it. Also my biggest dream is to be a father , a Good father. And somehow Im attrated to same ***.

Ps. Im a boy

Princess Jung

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In my own opinion, ndi porke nagka crush ka sa same *** ay Bi kana minsan may mga bagay kasi sa kanya na gusto mong magka meron ka kaya humahanga ka.

P. s. I also love Prim 💖
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Baka nga po.
Prim is my First idol since i've born haha


stop watching that episode! much better u watching **** Movies..Thats it..
Im watching it because of its story . I rather watch it than watch **** movies.
This is the first time I felt it. And we knows that if something is not normal. We called it abnormal. I feel something unsual in me. Ive called myself ABNORMAL or DIFFERENT for not knowing what happens in me.


Ako din po humanhanga sa mga lalaki minsan pero straight Naman ako Lalo na pag may pogi ako na nakasakay sa Jeep tinititigan ko tlaga hahaha
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'di po ako napapatitig , pero natitignan ko po minsan kapag parng pogi po. 'di naman po sa pagmamayabang... Pero maitsura rin po ako , kaya parang wala rin po sakin kapag nakita ko na mas pogi parin ako hehe. Pero kapag mas pogi po sakin siguro lods doon minsan tinitignan ko talaga kasi malabo rin mata ko e 😅
It is normal to appreciate the beauty of the same *** but you are abnormally reading BL. BL novels are mostly marketed to girls and alike unless you are gay. You are just bored so you are looking for things to cling to. There are some guys who are emotional but it's normal but you have to stop reading BL, there's a tendency that you will develop that abnormal feelings towards the same gender.


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Why you ask yourself about your gender, At first its okay to be faze on same ***, second its nothing wrong to admire celebrity,
As you said your into girls and don't confused your self your just over acting on your silly ideas,
anyways As you said you kept your self busy and still you think about your Identity, to answered it, you should face both side if you want to eat a man and Natitigasan kaba pag may type kang lalaki(dugo na ilong kaka english, absent kasi ako pag english subject guys esp. grammar ahaha).
or you just admire the Celebrities , For me I admire those celebrity but not into sexual but how there body built , face and how they express their feelings, no no not into sexual thoughts, I just want to learn how they have achieve that kind of physical appearance.
So explore yourself
kung titingin ka ng **** tas may nag BBj anung tinitingnan no yong mata ng Babae ba or yong tiiiitii ng lalaki? pag lalaki somethings wrong with you and you should face it.


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you're normal don't worry. 🤗
wala namang masama kung manood ka ng BL series kahit striaght ka, natutuwa ka lang siguro sa story.

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