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How to stay Anonymous while wifi häçking


Nov 6, 2015
How to stay anonymous while wifi häçking
Hey guys, I just want to give you some tips that I use for staying anonymous while häçking wifi. This is going to be geared towards backtrack, kali, and other linux distributions, as it's easier to change your MAC address and stay secure with these, and I do not häçk with windows. The easiest way for people to find out what machine is attacking the network is by detecting the MAC address. If you use a random MAC address each time you attack you will be much harder to catch.

Method 1: hw ether

This will allow you to see what your MAC address is:

ifconfig wlan0 | grep HWaddr
Now bring down your interface:

ifconfig wlan0 down
Next change your MAC address to whatever you want:

ifconfig wlan0 hw ether 00:00:00:00:00:01
Now bring your interface back up:

ifconfig wlan0 up
now check your MAC address again:

ifconfig wlan0 | grep HWaddr

Method 2: Macchanger

first take down your interface:

ifconfig wlan0 down
Next change your MAC to a random one

macchanger --random wlan0
Now bring your interface back up

ifconfig wlan0 up

Either of these methods will ensure that your MAC address is unknown. Now for a few tips:

Backtrack 5 has a stealth mode that doesn't automatically connect it to preferred networks. Boot up in stealth mode when planning to attack a wifi network. Even if your preferred network isn't around, other operating systems will still send out probe requests that could show people where you have been.
Live boot operating systems do not keep records of preferred networks, and do not save log files. Keep backtrack and kali linux in mind for this as they already have most tools that you would need on them. Also if your machine gets compromised there wont be any data to find on a live boot filesystem.
Never connect to any social networking or personal websites on a häçked wifi. You don't want anything that could give away your personal information going through a häçked wifi UNLESS you know for a fact that there is no network analyzer or traffic sniffer running.
Don't fall for honeypots! Honeypots are fake access points that are used to trick people into connecting to them, generally deploying phishing attacks, sniffing in on your traffic, or trying to exploit your machine, or all of the above and more. Honeypots can be used by attackers OR as means of catching or scaring an attacker. If something seems out of the ordinary, it probably is.
Don't be suspicious when häçking in public. Actually try to avoid häçking in public but if it isn't avoidable, avoid using big antennas and anything that looks out of the ordinary. Somebody who is surfing the internet on a laptop or a phone in a coffee shop looks normal. Somebody sitting in their vehicle in a parking lot with a large antenna attached to their laptop doesn't look so normal.
Avoid shoulder surfing. Shoulder surfing is when someone tries to see your screen without you knowing. Avoid this by not leaving your laptop unattended (obviously) and by sitting with your back to the wall. The general public these days associates all command line with häçking, so if somebody sees what you are doing even without understanding it they are much more likely to report what you are doing than if they don't see your screen.
Take note of any security cameras. Generally they are pretty easy to notice if you are looking for them (a lot of places point them out). Try to avoid sitting right in the line of sight of a camera, and if that isn't avoidable just try to not look suspicious. People (especially store owners/security personnel) are 100% more likely to stare at a suspicious looking person if they can watch them from a camera. Make sure that no cameras can see your screen to avoid someone catching your activity on playback.
Act cool. If nobody can see your screen and you look like a normal person, nobody will catch you unless you're acting out of the ordinary. Be cool, blend in, keep your cool, and don't draw any unwanted attention.
Don't forget to clear yourself out of the router's logs when finished. Most routers and access points keep logs what devices have been on the network. As an extra precaution you can clear your information from these logs. This isn't an absolute must if you're faking your MAC address, but it is useful.
Always know what you're doing before you perform an attack. You never want to be learning or trying something new when actually attacking. Before you carry out an attack you should know that it will work and know step by step exactly what you're doing to maximize results. There are many ways to practice, utilizing them is wise.

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