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Closed How to Recover Router Password w/o resetting Router?

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So basically I was configuring Router users and modify the Router's default PW and changed it to my preferred PW(Note : You can't change the default USN of a Router) and tried to logged-in using the modified default user of the router but it didn't accept it. Tried entering the default password and yet no results.

Recovering the default password may require me to do a Factory reset of the router which is not my best option right now(Re-configuring the router is not my best suite if I say so :D).

Anyways just asking if kung meron mang way to recover it's default or at least the modified router without doing a factory reset.

Globe PROLINK H5004NK Router.
Well perhaps the only option you have is to try your bullshitt*ng skills (oopss.... sorry about the term :D) with one of their support agents and maybe extract the information from them as I did with mine.
Hindi ko lang alam kung mabobola pa sila.

Wait mo rin ang response ng iba. Maybe they have something better to offer.

Have you tried this?
username: admin
password: password
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