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Tutorial How to Recover from a Bootloop after flashing custom ROMs or ZIPs



What you need :
-CWM Recovery Installed (don't have cwm ? flash one using SPFlash tool or adb tools)

Finding the cause of the bootloop
Bootloops can occur pretty easily, it’s mainly caused because system files interfering with each other which causes instability and/or crashes at the boot sequence.
Think of system apps that are compiled incorrectly, permissions that are not set correctly, files from other devices and even an init.d script, everything is possible.
To find the cause of a bootloop you have to think about what you did before getting the bootloop.
Choose one of the following reasons that caused the bootloop for you and try out its solution.

– After flashing a new rom

If you flash a new (base)rom on your device it may not automatically wipe your dalvik-cache, This means your old dalvik-cache will be used for the new system files which would result in a bootloop, to fix this problem:

1. Start your phone in CWM Recovery
2. Go to Advanced
3. Choose “Wipe dalvik-cache”
4. Now go to “Mounts & Storage”
5. Choose “Wipe /cache”
6. Reboot your phone

Note: by wiping “/cache” and “dalvik-cache” you make sure it’s completely deleted, some roms use /data and some use /cache for the dalvik-cache

If the problems still exists after doing that, you could try to wipe your /data partition. before you do that first make a backup of your phone (in it’s current bootlooping state)

1. Start your phone in CWM Recovery
2. Now go to “Backup & Restore”
3. Choose “backup” (it may also be called “backup to internal/external sdcard)

When that’s done you are free to wipe /data, you can achieve this by doing:

1. Now go to “Mounts & Storage”
2. Choose “Wipe /data”
3. Choose “Wipe /cache”
4. Reboot your phone

If the rom still doesn’t boot correctly it’s probably the rom which isn’t working, contact the rom creator then and try an other rom for the meanwhile.

– After restoring a system only backup

This one is actually the same as the above one, since only /system is restored (advanced restore) there is an incorrect dalvik-cache present which will cause the bootloop. perform the same steps as above to solve the problem.


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