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Closed [How To] Operate Your PC Using Your Android Phone Jump Desktop APK 7.0

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Jun 1, 2016

Its pretty simple and amazing thing if you are out of your office or home and you need to operate for PC for a little time then this Jump Desktop Application would work perfect for you. I have tried plenty of RDP Applications like AirDroid, TeamViewer and Splashtop and by far this one is best among those free applications. It is easy to set up and easy to use. You just have to sign-up using your Email ID and then use that Registered ID to login in to your Jump Desktop Application which is in your Droid Phone and install Jump Desktop Connect In Your PC and sign In Using your same registered id and your PC will be visible in Jump Desktop Application. Now you just have to do is select your PC and use password to log-in to your computer that’s it. This Thing work as expected. You can zoom-in and out easily using pinch zoom. Your PC works really great on your finger tip. It has great sound options to you can hear anything or watch movies anywhere by streaming your PC in to your Android phone from anywhere.

Some Features: From The Dev’s Den
Unleash the full power of your phone or tablet while connected to your computer. Multitouch ready – pinch-to-zoom and two finger scrolling make controlling your computer easy and productive. Jump’s multi-threaded rendering engine has been fine tuned for Android. Jump’s VNC and RDP engine is one of the fastest you’ll find on Android.

1)Download Jump Desktop ρrémíùm APK From The Link Given Below

Download Jump Desktop ρrémíùm APK

2)Install The APP and Start It

3)Register in to Jump Desktop Servers using Your Email ID

4)Once Registered, Verify your email ID and its done.

5)Now Open Your PC and Download JUMP DESKTOP AUTOMATIC SET-UP and start Automatic setup wizard.

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6)You will be asked to set VNC passwrod, this password will be used to log-in in to your PC from the APP

7)Once All Done then sign in using EMAIL-ID which we have created.

8)Now Open Jump Desktop Application and Your PC Will be appear in your App. just select it and enter your PASSWORD. ( NO. 6 Password)


salamat sa share me tanung lang ako halimbawa mang gudtime ako sa tropa ko nag install ako sa pc nya ng jump destop tapos na log in kuna ok na napagana kuna halimbawa lng ngayon pag uwi ko sa bahay ma cocontrol kupa din ba yun kahit kinabukasan kase diba kelangan mupa i log in sa pc nya ang jump desktop na kung ano yung naka log in na sa cp ko. o automatic na mag log in yung jump desktop sa pc nya basta me net. salamat ulet
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