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How To häçk Wireless Network (Wpa,Wpa2-psk,Wpe,Wps)


Jul 18, 2020
Hi Guys In A Week I Didnt Post Anything So Now I Will Show You How To häçk A Wifi Network Even It Has A Wpa2-psk Encryption.

In My Next Post I Will teach you how to avoid this kind of Attacks.

Watch the video:

Disclaimer:This is for educational purposes only And Also i have permision to the wifi owner to test their Wireless network.

The Attack i use is An evil twin attack...Evil twin attack is an attack that create a Fake ap Or Access point and has a built in password log in section so If Ever the target Client put the password in the fake AP,the password will be directly visible to the bad guy...But how does the client will be forced to log in to the fake AP?The Evil twin attack is automatically Activating a Deauthentication Attack which forcefully kicks off all the client out of the router or the wifi...so now the confused Client check the internet connection And it seems their is an Another Wifi same as their own...now he clicks on the Fake wifi Access point and he log in to the fake Password section and now you have their password.


Pwede, kali nethunter search mo.

Gamit ka otg para sa wifi adapter
Nope airgeddon doesn't support nethunter...i tried it once but it didn't work,so even you have nethunter Evil twin attack will never work on android

But i think he can do a deauth attack...i'm not sure...


Working po ba tricks na yan mga lods kaya na ba nyan mah häçk pldt ng kapitbahay patambay muna ako tread na toh
sir pwede ba gamitin ito gamit yung virtual box? low end kasi pc
Yes po...You can use a kali linux in a Hypervisor softwares like Oracle VM,Vm Ware,ETC. In a form of iso image file.

But You need an network adapter that is portable and supported by kali linux like Alfa AWUS036NHA or any wifi adapter that has atheros chipset and support monitor mode and packet injection.

Wifi adapters best for kali linux:
Sl No WiFi Adapter Chipset Antenna
1 TP-Link N150 TL-WN722N //Atheros AR9271//External
2 Alfa AWUS036NHA//Atheros AR9271//External
3 Alfa AWUS036NH//Ralink RT307//External
4 Alfa AWUS1900//Realtek RTL88XX//External
5 Alfa AWUS036ACH//RealtekRTL8812AU//External
6 Panda PAU06//Atheros//External
7 Panda PAU09//Ralink RT5572//External
8 ALFA AWUS036NEH//Ralink RT307//External

Papasa naman idol ng network adapter mu...
built in Wifi adapter from in my laptop

*Built In//2.4 Ghz//Qualcomm Atheros QCA9565 / AR9565

Galing paps
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Kung Atheros yung built-in wifi ng laptop pwede na ba gamitin yung sir, instead of buying a dongle?
Kung Atheros yung built-in wifi ng laptop pwede na ba gamitin yung sir, instead of buying a dongle?
yes of course...but in the state where you are capturing the wifi handshake and the situation where you are waiting for someone to type the password in fake wifi access point the network manager on your laptop will be disable but you can regain the network adapter by typing this command in the inux terminal:

$sudo service NetworkManager start


$sudo service NetworkManager restart

And the network manager will start again after you capture the target wireless network password

Also you need to take back the manage mode on your built in adapter.