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Closed How to Get Over Someone You Obsess Over

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1.Ask yourself why you’re still holding on.
Answer it truthfully, too. Maybe it’s, "Oh, well, we had such great times together," or "I just find that person so great." Whatever it is, answer it. Yet also look at what you are ignoring about this person. "He was always late." "He constantly criticized me." You may find that what you thought was ideal really wasn't.
If you're trying to get over someone, there are probably some reasons why you don't want to keep thinking about the person. Figure out some of those reasons and tell yourself why you should use those reasons to let go.
Does the person you obsess over treat you bad consistently? Tell yourself that you deserve better. Find a way to increase your self-esteem. You don't need to settle for someone who treats you bad because you think you deserve it.
Does the person you obsess over have another boyfriend/girlfriend? People with boyfriends/girlfriends are just off limits. If the person cheats on his boyfriend/girlfriend with you, why wouldn't they also cheat on you?
Have you had relationships in the past, but they never work out? You probably feel loyal to the person, and you're scared of what life is going to look like without him/her. Sometimes, however, it's just better to admit that you had a great run, and leave it at that. If you're truly meant for one another, it will happen some day. If not, then it is better to move on.
Do other circumstances, like parents, best friends, distance, age, etc., make the relationship not practical? If they are circumstances you can't control, then stop trying to fight life and focus on things that you can control. You deserve someone who is great and practical. You will find that person.
2.Remove all memories/mementos of the person from your everyday
They say that absence makes the heart grow fonder. What they don't tell you is that too much absence makes the heart grow distracted. In your case, this is good!
Go through your room and remove all pictures of, letters from, references to the person you're trying to stop obsessing over. If you have a journal in which you write about the person, begin a completely new one; try not to write about the person.
Removing is different from destroying. Unless you never want the person to be any part of your life in the future, don't destroy objects or memories associated with the person. When you're old and obsessed with someone you love who loves you back, the memories will be fun to think about.
3.Play an association game.
An association game is a fancy name for tricking your brain into lumping the person into a category that's bad, or a category you don't like. In the short term, it will help you think about the parts of the person that you don't like rather than the parts of the person that you obsess over.
The trick to the association game is just thinking of something bad whenever you think of the person. What's the first thing that pops into your mind when you think of the person you're obsessing over? Probably something good, right? Try thinking of something bad instead.
Does the person never ******, act arrogant or conceited, wear too much makeup, never follow through, play games, etc.? Whatever is worst about the person in your opinion, focus on it. Don't be mean about, but just drill it into your head, so that whenever you think of him/her, you think of something bad first.

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