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Tutorial How to get free google play credit 2018

Drug Addict Ako

Dec 6, 2017
Free Google play Credit 2018! Is that possible to Get Google Play Credit For Free? How Does It Work? We sure you’ll know all about free google play credits after reading this article.
Do you want to have new, paid Android apps or unlock additional features in games via in-app purchases? You can do this and many other things increasing your Google Play balance. Said balance can be raised using codes and cards. But, with a little patience, you can also get Google Play credit for free. In this guide we’ll show you how to get google play credit for free 2018.
How to Get Free Google play Credit 2018
We’ll show you how to get free Play Store credit for free, legally and without any security risks, and what to expect when looking for free offers online.
Earn Free Google play Credits Through Apps:
The Google Play Store credit can be used for buying games, movies, music or books sold within the app. Google has its own way of making it easy to get your credit for free, but it’s not a fast way at all:
Google Opinion Rewards
“ Google Opinion Rewards ” is an app created by Google specifically for earn free google play credit codes.
The download of the app is free.
Download it in Playstore for FREE
You will receive short surveys at irregular intervals using this app. For every entry, you will be credited one cent to your Google Play account balance. The answers are sent to the server within seconds
After a few days, you probably will be able to buy an app or two in your Play Store, without needing to spend real money – only your time.
To set up the app, some personal questions must be answered first. This includes your gender and age information. Then you will be prompted to do a predetermined survey: this survey gives you an idea about what to expect in your future tasks and it helps the server to know if you really answer questions or just randomly select answers.
Did you know? How to Refund App or Game on Google Play Store? Here’s how.
Google Play Credit for Free 2018: How it works
After the initial survey, you will receive new polls regularly, rewarding your responses with credits to your Google Play account. You will be notified of new polls with a push notification on your Android device. Any credits that you gain using this app cannot be disbursed and are valid for one year.
You won’t get rich this way, obviously, but this is a straightforward and secure way to spend your free credit on purchases in the Play Store. At the same time, one should be aware, of course, that this app passes personal information to Google. If you value your privacy too much, or you don’t want to provide the enterprise with your data, you will not find the right application here.
Can You Really Get Google Play Credit For Free? Beware Of Traps!
Google play Gift card generator! & Other third party tools:
There are a few sites on the net that offer a Google Play credit generator / free google play credit häçk tools. These generators & tools are supposed to increase your Play Store credit for free just with a few clicks. However, you should learn to keep your fingers out of offers like these. Nobody gives away something like this online for free. With Google Play Credit generators of this kind, you often are in great danger of falling into a trap or giving your private data to someone else.
1.) For example, before getting credits for free, you could be asked to download another app. This is a common trap.
2.) Your phone number could also be one of the things you need to finish the download: they might offer you something in exchange for it, like a subscription contract. This hint is usually ignored.
3.) Other offers ask you to enter the password for your Play Store Account so that the supposedly free credit can be credited to the account.
4.) In this way, one gives his private login details to scammers, who can then misuse the account.
FIFA Coin generators for Ultimate Team are based on a similar principle. So if you are searching for apps, tools and generators that promise Google Play credits for free 2017, stay away from such dubious offers and wait for the next survey in the Google opinion rewards app we mentioned in this article above!.
Credits : technodroid.com

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