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May 1, 2013
The inside of a computer is a bad place full of electricity and sharp edges. On the electricity side always when working on your computer make sure that it’s still plugged in to the power socket and the power is turned off, this is to ensure that any static From you is discharged through the earth. This tutorial is provided by Cyber Elite.The inside of most computer cases are unfinished metal and has very sharp edges so be careful.


The first signs of a battery failing are:-

1) your clock starts running slowly

2) when you boot your computer it has a problem finding your hardware (no hard drive, no cd rom)
To change the battery you need the following tools:-

1) a X-point screwdriver

2) an anti-static strap

3) a new battery

Then unplug all the cables from the back of the computer as you remove them make a note, where to put them back.

Move the computer somewhere where you can work on it with ease. Remove the cover by locating the screws around the outer edge (back) of the computer
Some computer cases only require you to remove 2 screws on one side then a panel can be removed allowing you access to the insides, others you must remove 6 screws and remove the whole case by sliding it to the rear and lifting it off.
Now make sure that you read the safety instructions about static.

Look inside you will see a lithium battery (round and silver). This is the battery itself, carefully lift the retaining clip and slide the battery out. Now that's remove. go to your local computer retailer, electrical retailer (Tandy/Radio shäçk) taking the old battery with you and get a new battery. Insert the new battery by lifting the clip and sliding the battery in.
Reinstall your case and plug all the cables back..

Now for the fun part.

You will now need to go into you bios…. Right the bios is the god of your computer.
To access it, when your computer first starts you will see a black screen with white text.

If you look carefully you will see a line that says something like "press F2 for setup" ( or some other key (del or ESC or tab) this will take you to the setup menu where you can make lots of changes to the way your machine works.

It is also the place where you can make your nice computer in to a rather expensive door stop so be careful and don’t go playing with anything. (if u know your way around, u can, but if u don't know, play around)

You will now be presented with a lot of options. The one we want is load optimized/ default settings.
Press the F10 key & when a confirmation is asked press the "Y" key, the computer should now reboot.

If every thing went well then your computer will now be up and running.



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May problem ako tungkol dyan, nagrereset lagi ang oras ng PC ko sa tuwing binubuksan ko. Naiinis na tuloy ako kasi ayos ako ng ayos ng date at oras sa tuwing binubuksan ko PC ko. Napalitan ko naman ng bago itong CMOS Battery sa CPU, nung pagsalpak ko ng bagong battery ay nagreset ang oras, syempre inayos ko tapos hinayaan ko lang nakaopen ang PC ng mga 2hrs para macharge yung CMOS Battery. Matapos nun in-unplug ko na ang PC ko for 1hour at OK na ito, name-maintain na nya ang settings of BIOS ko. Ito na ngayon ang problema ko, after a few weeks (mga magtu-2weeks yata,) bumalik na naman sa dati ang sakit ng CPU ko. Ano bang pinakamainam na gawin dito para magamot na 'tong sakit ng PC ko bukod sa pagbuy ng bago na namang CMOS Battery?
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