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Stories [HORROR] I found a new species of Arachnid


Nov 27, 2016

I found a new species of Arachnid by reddit user u/granthinton

They call them Goliath’s.

With this information do you conjure the epic duel of a boy with a slingshot defeating the colossal might of a giant? Or a spider weighting in at 175 grams? That’s two greasy chicken legs cooked up at a family cookout.

The Goliath birdeater or (Theraphosa blondi) belongs to the tarantula family and was the largest spider in the world. Until only recently. How do I know this? Well, that’s what I’m going to tell you.

I’m a rich kid, always have been. Private schools, prestigious colleges, fast cars, hot girls. You wouldn’t believe me, but it can get boring living up to the D’burgh name. So, you start to risk a little, toy with your emotions. Dare yourself to go that extra step. Skydiving, bungee jumping, Russian roulette, anything to get that high. But, at some point, you realise that there comes a time when you need to just get away and find yourself through the layers of bullshit that have stuck faster to you than Usain Bolt over the hundred meters.

That was a Monday morning after an incredibly taxing weekend of booze, náked ladies, and copious amounts of drugs that would have made Dan Bilzerian envious. So, I took the family jet and went to the Amazon. Why not? It’s practically off the face of the earth and like I said, I wanted to be away from it all. Ground me without the distractions of technology, mobile phones, or Snapchat.

When I landed Mani, my guide and host, was there to éscort me. Oh, did I mention we have a residence there? It’s not much, little over 10,000 hectares with a nice little shäçk built high up in the canopy of trees. And this is where our story begins. Mani was born in a small village called ——— in South America.

His grandfather used to tell him stories about a spider that lived in the jungle that was so big it could snatch a bird right out of the sky and devour it whole. Mani told me the story on our first night whilst eating dinner around a fire below my shäçk with the rest of my staff.

“As big as a lion senior,” Mani said handing me a charred banana leaf, the content warm enough to touch but not burn.

“And has anyone seen these...monsters?” I asked peeling back a leaf, I knew it was just folk legend but I wanted to humour my old manservant.

“Si! My grandpapa saw one snatch a small dog from his village. Dragged it back into the forest.”

Mani tore at the meat in the leaf, white flesh peeled away and then vanished with a suck between his teeth.

I looked down at the delicacy in my hand, one charred Goliath spider. The monster drastically exaggerated in his tale. The orange flesh spilt down to its abdomen, white juice pushed through and ran down my fingers. I gingerly took a bite and was surprised that it tasted like shrimp. Mani laughed at my astonishment and tore another strand of flesh from the bird eater.

“Ouch!” I slapped my neck killing the mosquito.

“Kill one, more will come,” Mani chided. “Just let them feed, they won’t hurt you, everything’s got its place out here.”

“Ever heard of hepatitis?” I asked sarcastically, but he was right. Everything does have an order in the Amazon.

I realised this the next morning when I came down from my shäçk to find Mani gone, and not just gone but missing. In fact, everyone was missing. It took me five whole minutes to find my other staff members huddled up in one of the SUV that brought us all here. I grabbed the door handled but it was locked.

“Hey! Where’s mani? Is he in there with you?”

The guys shook their heads rapidly no, some pointed into the thick foliage behind me with jabbing fingers. I turned to look, but couldn’t understand what they were trying to say. I shrugged and turned away from them. As I approached the thick leaves of the jungle I grabbed a hatchet from the ground to help clear a path, believing that maybe Mani was having his morning ablutions.

The last few times I entered the forest was with mani and the others, this time, without them, it felt weird. Claustrophobic, stuffy, oppressive. Like I was an alien in another world. Which was right. This place wasn’t meant for man. We may be top of the food chain in our world but that doesn’t mean we are everywhere else on this planet.

I was reminded of that when I saw a huge bore tree eighteen inches thick snapped in half like a twig. A red scrap of cloth pinned on a spiked piece of white fleshy tree like a flag caught my attention. It was Mani’s. The small embroider D told me that.

I pushed on further, the noise seemed to increase with each step. The leaves folded and crushed in front of me showed a struggle. I swallowed. Hard. Whatever made this track, it was big. I thought of the monkeys that inhabit this jungle. I knew from Mani’s tale that the silverbacks could easily kill a man. A bore tree wouldn’t stop it. I hoped Mani was ok. I forged on, häçking at the leaves and vines entwined I front of me.

The noise of the jungle was reaching a crescendo in my ears, sweat dropped to the ruddy jungle floor in beats to match its weird music. My ears and eye alert for any movement. Then, I tripped.

I hit the ground hard enough to draw blood, a weeping gash over my left eye. Thankfully the blade fell away from my hand and not underneath me. I turned to see what I had tripped over and scurried back. Bones and carcasses of birds littered the floor. White pus-like liquid oozed over them. As I continued to stare another glob dripped from above and landed on top of the stack. Slowly, every nerve on fire to flee I looked up and instantly wished I hadn’t.

Mani’s face was feet away. His body wrapped in fibrous white stands of web thicker than a shoelace. The centre of the cocoon was open to the air. What should have been his stomach was a cavernous hole. It took me a moment to realise that no blood leaked from it like he had been eaten from within.

I wasn’t an expert on animals in the Amazon wild, actually, I’m still not. But I do know of one species that causes that behaviour. The Spider Hawk. Which isn’t a spider but rather a hornet that uses a spider as an incubator for its young, giving them everything they need to thrive. Oh, and the worst part? The spider is alive the whole ****ing time, from implant to hatching, to being eaten alive.

This was like that, but as I found out when twenty-four black - red stripes legs came probing out the hole, this had been adopted by the Spider Hawks prey. Still, on the floor, I froze. I didn’t want to make a sound. As I laid there it occurred to me that the jungle had gone quite too. Not even one cricket or frog disturbed the moment. The spiders came out further. Big, thick, chunky legged monsters. I swear the Goliath spider I had eaten the night before was about three times as small.

Each small cat sized spider crept over Mani. The pinky hairs on their faces bristled against the web. Each searching for something. Suddenly a twig snapped behind me and icy cold shot down my insides. The spiders froze too, each in a pounce position, ready to devour whatever was behind me. I shut my eyes and through half lids slowly turned.

My staff were standing feet away, guns and hatchets in hands. I could have kissed each one, and promised myself to give them anything they wanted once they got me out.

My delight was shorted lived as one of the spiders started the shake so violently that Mani wobbled. All of a sudden, two pink leathery wings shot out of its body. The other two started to chitter, as if conversing, and then started to vibrate as well. I shot up and dived back behind my staff as the first spider dropped like a Dambuster plane and swooped at us. The front guy took the thing in the face and he screamed, then died a few seconds later when the spider flapped its wings and backed off. The guy twisted in his fall and what had been his face oozed away.

I didn’t wait. I ran.

Every fibre of my being pumped my legs so fast I swear I too could have flown. Gunshots propelled me faster, the leaves hit me with stinging slaps. Gashes opened up across my body in my head long flight. The screams mingled with the gunshots, until those both died and it was just me, my heavy breathe and my rapid footfall.

Eventually, I broke through the rough tree line. I could hear the scurrying of many legs in the distance like an army marching to battle. Disorientation shook me. I didn’t know which way to go. Everything looked the same. I didn’t even know If I had ran in the right direction.

Something, no, I knew what it was, swooped for my head, but thankfully I felt the rush of air before the spider hit and ducked. It landed a few feet away and turned back to me. I swear it had grown now to the size of a family dog. It tucked its wings back over its abdomen and clicked at me.

The trees to my right rustled and I jumped back as it’s brothers or sisters charged out. Each one menaced me with their beady eyes. A predator eyeing its prey. I had nothing. No weapon, no backup, no hope. Suddenly I heard the beeping of a car horn. The SUV that my staff had hidden in when these things had taken Mani sat a hundred meters away. I could make it, I hoped. Spiders can’t run that fast. Again I hoped.

I took off. My sprinting days were far behind in college but old McGregor would have been proud. The dust from my heels blinded the newcomers enough for me to get a good head start. However. The first one took to the air again. Damn flying spiders! The driver must have seen what I was up against and hurtled toward me with blasts of the horn.

The spider dropped out the sky in front of me and squirmed on the floor. I chanced a glance behind me and the others were similarly affected. As the car slower I scrambled into the SUV. I don’t know if it’s the D’burgh luck, some will of God to keep us alive, or the cowardice of the man in the front seat who hadn’t followed his companion. But I could have kissed him. I settled for giving him enough money to see to his great great grandchildren’s livelihood.

“Man, I fúcking love you dude. Don’t stop the horn!” I shouted over the blasts of the SUV’s horn.

The man, I later found out was called Remi, nodded but didn’t take his eyes off the spiders writhing around on their backs.

“Hey, is there something that could hold one of those?” I asked.

“You wanna take one senor? Are you loco?” Remi’s jaw dropped in shock. How was he supposed to know that I was a businessman first? I could see potential in most situations. This was one such occasion.

“Have you got something to hold one?” I said, firmer.

Remi nodded. “Si, there’s a strong box in the trailer that should hold one.”

I jumped out and backed toward the trailer keeping the spiders withering in agony from the blast of the horn in view. I emptied the strong box and pulled it across the dirt toward the first spider and threw the box over it. There was no way I was going to touch it. Just then the horn stopped and I looked wildly at Remi who was coming to my aid.

“NO!! Get back in! The horn! Press the horn!”

The spiders momentarily stopped and were fighting to get themselves upright. The box flipped and the lid closed. Then the spider's legs lifted the lid and poked out. The horn started again and I jumped on the lid as it started to buck, sealing the spider inside. I managed to pull it back to the SUV, keeping an eye on the other two. Then secured it in the back. Something hit me in the back throwing me into the bed. The metal jammed my hip bone and pain flared. I turned.

Emerging from the trees was the monster from Mani’s tales. It didn’t occur to me that the two on the floor and the one I was stealing must have had a mother in order to be alive. But there she was in all her five foot of glory. Two of her front legs, as thick as the bore trees, pulled back the vegetation. I prayed to every god in the word that she didn’t have wings as well.

The trees bent with her weight and then snapped. The massive spider moved sluggishly as if hurt. I noticed that a stream of milky white web followed her from her a wound in her abdomen. Debris and twigs snagged it and weighted down her approach. Also, two of her legs were missing. One on her right finished over the first knuckle leaked blood and the other was missing altogether.

My prayers that she couldn’t fly seems answered as she came barreling out toward me in a stumbling scuttle. I ran around and jumped into the SUV as she side slammed us. The car rocked and Remi hit the gas.

We careered through the jungle at breakneck speed. I don’t know how we made it out, but we did. An hour later we were loaded onto a ferry that transported us across a thick river. Another two hours and I was safely reclined in my private jet.

What did I do with the winged spider? Well, that’s another story entirely.

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