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Aug 31, 2015
Home in Hell

I hate to be alone because i feel them around me.
I hate to be alone because i hear there devil like voice.
I hate to be alone because i see there figures move quickly across the wall like shadowless figures.

"Mom don't leave, please im begging you"
"Girl whats wrong with you, your dad will be home in a hour calm down"
"Can't i come with you"
"No, you need to stay home and get your sister off the bus, plus i doubt you want to sit in the doctors office waiting room for a hour or more."
"I don't care please can i go with you"
"No ill be back in a few hours, and please try to relax"

She walked out the door and i stand in my big empty house alone. I swear i hear i one of them laugh behind me. I turn around but it move before i can see it's face. Leaving is impossible so i go into a corner, sit on the floor and press my knees to my chest. I wrap my arms so tight around them that my legs start to hurt. MY heart is beating fast and my breathe os in quick gasps. I can try to escape but they'll just hurt me. I still have the brusies from last time and its voice still gives me nightmares. I look towards the door and see a 12 foot shadow in front of it. I look away and start to cry.
Why do they mock me. What do they want with me? Its the same thing every time. They lock me inside this house but don't say or do anything unless i try to leave. What is the purpose in that? I don't know if i'll ever find out but shure *** hell i wish i knew what they wanted.
I stay like this for 30 minutes, then hear a knock at the door. I jump to my feet and run to go open it. Its my little sister. I have peace for alittle while until im alone again.
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