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sino po nakakaalam magayos ng Hard disk??

Problem: "A disk read error Occured press Ctrl + Alt + Del to restart"

Pag nirestart mo ganun parin lumalabas..
sana may makatulong sakin


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ito boss nahalungkat ko
Press Ctrl
+Alt+Del to restart". Multiple
restarts result in the same error
If you put your drive into another
computer, or connecting it as a
slave on your own computer, it
will typically work fine, and no
data is missing.
Because this error is not usually
associated with data loss, DO NOT
data is likely safe and sound.
Here's how we'll recover your
data. Try each step below, in
order, and see if your drive
becomes accessible after each
step. In my experience, you won't
start seeing results until step 5 or
1. Run CHKDSK /R /P from the
recovery console (it will typically
find no error)
2. run FIXBOOT from recovery
console (typically has no result)
3. run FIXMBR from recovery
console (typically has no result)
4. Run the manufacturer's
diagnostic utility, downloaded
from their website (it will typically
find no error)
5. Changing the drives from cable
select to Master/Slave may fix it.
6. Replacing the data cable may fix
it, but usually not.
7. Setting the BIOS to use defaults
may fix it, but usually not.
8. Changing the BIOS drive
settings from auto to user-
specified, ensuring that LBA is
selected may fix it.
9. Pulling the CMOS battery to let
the BIOS lose it settings may
At this point, you may be feeling
some frustration. :)
If all that fails, here's what will
usually work:
Ghost your data to a new drive,
and use the original one as a
slave. It will work. And all of your
data will still be accessible. Your
computer should boot normally. If
it doesn't, or it there are errors,
run the Repair Installation option
from your Windows boot CD.

hope nakapag bigay info.


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try this also for future in some cases baka may makakita nito :)

for win7 laptop

try disconnect the HDD and run
test/scan (scandisk /r or seatool,
etc) from other comp...
if there a bad sector, rescue any
important data and replace the

Unplug everything from the
computer except keyboard,
mouse, monitor, power cord
(Desktops) or AC Adapter
(Laptops) and see if issue
I would recommend creating a
Hirens Boot CD and utilize some
of the options available to attempt
to resolve your issue. There are
some nice HDD detection tools
that will help isolate the issue.

ito link:
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hope naka tulong


have you tried to boot to LAST KNOWN GOOD CONFIG? or SYSTEM RESTORE (press F8 on boot) restore to your laptop setting on the date that it is running smoothly may record yan lagi ng system restore kapag nag-a-update ang windows
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