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GCam Port For Redmi Note 9 Pro/S & Other supported devices


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Aug 16, 2015
A new GCam (version-7.3.020) Mod For Redmi Note 9 PRO/S & other supported devices
It is the Best-Stable-Superior Quality GCam For This..

1- All Cameras working very fine including Main-Wide-Macro and giving awesome results
2- Video Recording also working with macro and wide lenses support.Yes you can shoot videos on AUX cameras as well with this port.
3- Slow Motion ,working without any force stop or any problem.
4- Night Sight
5- Astrography
6- Portrait
7- And all other features such as Panoroma,Photo Sphere,Slow Motion,Time lapse etc.

DOWNLOAD LINK: You do not have permission to view the full content of this post. Log in or register now. (XML included)


1-Sabre is not working in this version.I dont know why but it is crashing while the sabre option is on. So keep it TURN OFF.
2-In my try Manual AWB is not to be seem finely working.But in this you can set this to AUTO and you will get awesome results.

Only this are some problems in this port. Beside this,it giving very good and high quality details you must try this.Because it giving you to shoot videos in AUX cameras as well without any problem.

1- First install the apk of GCam given in link(GoogleDrive) in the top of the thread.Also download given XML for best results.
2-Put your XML file to location storage/GCam/onfire/Configs7.I recommend you to create manually all folders if it is not there.
3- Simply open app and double tap on black screen of your GCam,in the one side of shutter button.
4- Then load the XML file and BOOM you had loaded the settings of GCam.
5- Finally, now you can start shooting your awesome images.

Some information from modder:-
Changelog (26/05/2020):
• Fixed 60 FPS in video mode for most devices.
• Fixed optical stabilization.
• Fixed slow mo mode for many devices. Thanks Urnyx05 and Arnova8G2
• Added sliders about the mode (ISO, manual focus, shutter speed).
• Added saturation slider only works on lvl3.
• Fixed wide-angle lens on Mi9Lite.
• Completely redesigned theme and design. Thanks to overwhelmer, the_dise, dpstar for telling the address of the colors.
• Added video finder format to support many devices.
• Completely redesigned white balance (did not work correctly before).
• Added noise reduction models.
• Completely redesigned the design and work of the libpâtcher. Thanks to overwhelmer for those awesome graphview and seekbars.
• Added timer for astrophotography in top bar. Thanks Arnova8G2.
• Custom libraries added. Savitar, dise, r0m10. Thanks to all of them.
• Added advanced libpâtcher.
• Added stream configs that solve video problems on many devices. This was totally the work of Arnova8G2.
• Fixed settings crash with aux. Thanks namok.
• Added the ability to shoot video on AUX (4K). Thanks namok.
• Added TimeLapse 4K switch to avoid problems.
• Reworked configs mode.
• Solved the problem of white balance for portrait mode.
• Separated libpâtcher for all 5 lenses.
• Fixed high iso issues and fixed awb for mi9se and mi8.
• Fixed shutter slider in astro.
Known Issues:
• Slow mo does not work for 710 and 845 Snapdragon.
• The translation to russian language is not finished yet.
• Some icons have problems in the light interface theme.
I want to express special thanks to @You do not have permission to view the full content of this post. Log in or register now.ellatigr for help with solving many problems, as well as translating the application.
All the issues will be fixed very soon
######important note for api3 (lvl3) devives#####
-After installing the app, go to settings/viewfinder and change viewfinder format to yuv
-Configs directory is now GCam/onfire/Configs7

All credits goes to onFire and all modder on Celsoazevedo site.

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