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Tutorial Freemium Request Section Rule: Mandatory solution marking & Optional on other question forums

Freemium Request Section Rule: Mandatory solution marking & Optional on other question forums

To enhance our community's efficiency, we're introducing a mandatory solution marking rule in the Question & Request Section. This ensures valuable contributions are recognized, and members can swiftly find needed solutions. Key points include:
  • Mandatory Solution Marking: Mark the resolving post as "Solution" once your request is resolved or you've obtained the necessary information.
  • Non-Compliance Consequences: Failure to mark solutions will result in penalties, escalating to a warning point of 4 after three instances (3 unmarked threads from the same user), which limits participation privileges.
  • Marking a Solution: Click the "Mark as Solution" button/icon on the resolving post.
  • Exceptions & Clarifications:
    • Unresolved Requests: There is no need to mark any post if your issue remains unresolved.
    • Incorrect Solutions: Don't mark posts that don't accurately resolve your request.
    • Multiple Helpful Responses: Either choose the most helpful post or sum up contributions in a new post and mark that as the solution.
    • Time Frame: Mark the solution within 24 hours of issue resolution.
Non-compliance will be monitored, with specific guidelines for marking solutions, exceptions, and a timeframe to ensure prompt recognition of helpful members. This rule is effective immediately for all threads.

For warning point appeals, contact the moderation team with a detailed explanation.
Thank you for helping us keep our forum organized and supportive!
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