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Oct 27, 2019
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Skill Labs Rare NFTs from Chiko & Roko are now available!​

Skill Labs Rare NFTs from Chiko & Roko are now available!

🌟7,888 Chiko & Roko NFTs for those who follow all the steps first + 1,000 NFTs for top referrals 🌟

  • Key Details
    1. Prize pool: 8,888 rare NFTs
    2. 7,888 NFTs will be presented for those who pass all the seven ways to enter listed below on a first-come-first-serve basis. One NFT to one participant.
    3. 1,000 NFTs will be distributed among participants with the most entry points. One NFT to one participant.
    4. If you're among the top 1000 participants with the most entries and in the list of 7,888 first-come-first-serve you'll be given one NFT, not two.
    5. Ending Date & Time: May 26th, 11:59 pm GMT+0
    How It Works
    1. Follow all the seven ways to enter listed below. Only those who pass all the ways to enter can pretend to be given an NFT.
    2. Important: if you're among the winners, Chiko & Roko will send you a link to the email address used to participate in the Gleam
    3. Skill Labs will announce the results on May 27th
  • SkillLabs builds a one-stop platform to empower NFT owners, guilds, and solo gamers. SL is now leveraging its experience, to help the community to:
    1. Pick the best games to invest in using a real-time dashboard with key game metrics
    2. Allocate NFTs to best guilds and gamers using SL guilds & gamers marketplace.
    3. Manage scholars with SL game agnostic CRMs. The fuse of on-chain and off-chain data via easy to integrate SDK
  • Chiko & Roko - is an online platform for free art toys. CR gives out new NFT gifts daily, including exciting thematic NFTs with unique designs from authors and designers from different countries.