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Help Fix my external hdd

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Hello po mga sir, sino po nakakalam nitong problem ko ?
kaka bukas ko lang ng box na to and nung sinalpak ko ni remove ko mga containing files nya sa loob after that d ko na sya mabuksan or ma format or add partition dahil ganito na kinalabasan nya. pero nkikita pa din sya sa Disk Management at Device and Printer


na try mo an to?

right çlíçk on My Computer and çlíçk Manage.
  • çlíçk Disk Management
  • Select the WD Device and change the drive it is mapped to. Change it to anything else like P or M.
  • Then bring up the windows explorer and My Computer. You should be able to see the P or M drive there now and you should be able to drag and drop files.

Note that the above will work only if VCD is enabled. To do enable VCD you will have to bring up the main window that comes up when you initially plug the HD in, go to the right most tab and choose Security. You can set the VCD to enable there.
Not open for further replies.

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