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Help Firmware bin modification (08-00590000-System.bin)


Eternal Poster
hello, i tried to extract system bin file using: cpio -im -F 08-00590000-System.bin comamnd in linux terminal and got the extracted file. see image below:


and tried to compress back the extracted files to bin file using: find * | cpio -o -H newc -F ../08-00590000-System.bin . see image below:


question lang po, anu kaya ang problema nung nag flash na ako ng firmware hindi na nag boboot power lang kahit successful nman ang flashing
wala nman akong minodify na files, nag try lang ako mag extract tapos ibalik ulit sa origanal na bin file tapos yun ang gamitin pang flash.

nag edit nga ako ng 12-005b0000-WEBUI.bin file tapos compress back to original ok nman ang flashing at working ang unit.

salamat po sa sasagot.

Huawei E8372h-155 ang model:
ito complete file, from sir jerome, credit sa kanya.



Hello! It seems like you successfully extracted the contents of the system bin file using the cpio command in Linux. The image you mentioned doesn't seem to be attached to your message, but that's okay. Please let me know if you have any specific questions or if there's anything else I can assist you with regarding the extracted files.
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