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Aug 31, 2015
Final Words
I took my place on the stage, staring out at the crowd. Fear filled my lungs, like water, and I felt like drowning. I grabbed the microphone, clearing my throat. This was it. My one chance. If I couldn't do it now, I couldn't do it. Ever. I saw a blonde-haired boy look at me and smile. Connor. He was the reason I was here. But he had no idea what was in store for him. I sang a couple of notes, my voice ringing out like a bell. It was perfect. After my quick three minute song, the audience clapped. Connor smiled, clapping like mad.

In case you don't know, my name is Riley Winters, I'm 19 and I'm in Uni. My blonde-brown hair is real short and people call me crazy for it. But not Connor. We were best friends since Kindy and we were together since grade 10. It was time I did the 'manly' thing and surprise him for once. Believe it or not, Connor and I have a lot in common except for school.

I smiled, tears filling my eyes with happiness. I got down so he could see my sincere face, and whispered through the microphone,
"Connor, it's been too long. W-will you marry me?" I heard the crowd explode and watched Connor's face break into a deadly-contagious smile that infected me. He jumped on the stage. He took my hand, and said through the microphone,
"Even though that's my job, yes. I will marry you." I squealed. This was it. I loved him. All my life. I needed to tell him.
"Connor I-" My voice was beaten down by the sound of gunshots, screams and cries. Connor grabbed me and pulled himself in front. The shooter walked up to us. I was trembling, and I swear Connor could tell.
"Congratulations." The shooter said, before putting a bullet through Connor's chest. I screamed, grabbing the gun. I turned it towards the shooter. He smirked. I had used a gun before. I was a cop in training.
"Don't test me. I'm the best in my class." I taunted, hurriedly begging him to leave. As soon as the fully-trained cops arrived, I let the gun go and ran to my dying boyfriend. As I sat down to tell him it was going to be okay, I realised he would never make it. It was too late. My eyes lay on the puddle of blood on his shirt. I pulled him close, silently sobbing. I had to find the best way to let him down. But I think he already knew. So I said something that I knew would make him laugh.
"Connor, now calm down. You're going to take a really long nap. I might be here when you awaken." I told him, my voice breaking. He laughed, like I predicted, and I saw a tear run down his cheek. I held him tight, tears soaking his already wet shirt. People crowded around us. I didn't care. People tried to drag me away from Connor. I wouldn't let go of him. It wasn't over until I said it was over. He told me to go many times, but I refused. But when the police told me I had to leave, I wouldn't argue. I gave Connor one last kiss and left him. He was still alive when I left, but then I heard the paramedic say quietly,
"He's gone." Like it was simple. It wasn't simple! The love of my life just died and I could've helped him. The pictures of his deathly pale face, blood-soaked shirt and his sad eyes haunted my mind. I knew it was over. I just couldn't take it.
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