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Established Member: Restriction / Permissions / Extra features

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Why can't I do certain things?
New users/Inactive member are somewhat limited for safety reasons. As you participate here, you'll gain the trust of the community, become a full PHCitizen, and those limitations will automatically be removed.

Established members are members that have a few extra features because they contributed something useful to this site. It's actually not hard to become an established member, but it does require some minimal effort.

Established Basic RequirementsRegistered for at least 30 daysRegistered for at least 2 years
Posted at least30 post30 post
Posted at least1 thread1 thread
Maintain to keep your account Established
Posted at least5 post last 30 days5 post last 90 days
Posted at least1 thread last 30 days1 thread last 90 days

Also, it can take up to an hour for the promotion to happen
(there is an hourly process that checks for promotions for users that have visited the site recently).

👉 Non Established Member
  • Distinct Username Color
  • Time limit on editing own posts = 30 minutes
👉 Additional features for Established Member
Distinct Username Color
Username Change

Forum Permission

  • View country flags
  • Upload an avatar
  • Ignore Content
  • Time limit on editing/deleting own posts = 60 Days
  • Delete own post
  • Bypass spam check
  • Maximum mention alerts = 20
  • Manage tags by others in own thread
Spoiler BBCODE
  • Spoiler contents visible only for Established Member.
Signature Option
Personal Conversations
  • Can start private conversations
  • Receive new conversations
  • Upload attachments to conversations
  • Time limit on editing own messages = 60 minutes
  • Maximum conversation recipients = 30
Profile Post Permissions
  • Manage profile posts on own profile
  • Post new profile posts
  • Delete own profile posts
...and much more to reveal ;)
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