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Trivia Did you know that Scientists may have solved the Bermuda Triangle?

La Freak

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Jan 16, 2013
A bunch of scientists might have finally found a solution to the mystery surrounding the Bermuda Triangle disappearances and supernatural-like occurrences.


The Bermuda Triangle is something many sailors have dreaded for decades and the reason why so many researchers, scientists and conspiracy theory supporters have been busting their heads while trying to solve the mystery surrounding the area. And now it seems like they’re closer than ever to finding the answers.

And the answers are simple – underwater craters. Before you start making any assumptions – these craters are actually located far from the Bermuda Triangle’s waters – they were found all the way around the coasts of Norway. So, how is it possible that a bunch of underwater craters located so far away from the Bermuda Triangle be responsible for the mysterious disappearances? Well, the scientists, who are working for the Arctic University in Tromso, Norway, ruled out that the massive craters are responsible for creating tons of methane gas being released under the water’s surface. The craters are supposedly about a mile wide in diameter and they are located around 150 feet under the water. They are created by the process of the building up and the popping of methane gas. These underwater explosions can create powerful water ripples that are so mighty they could affect even gigantic ships. The scientists’ theory is that these Norwegian craters are the reason why ships are disappearing, as the enormous methane gas blowouts could be sinking ships.

In order for this theory to be considered as something more than just another Bermuda Triangle theory, the scientists need to carry out further research into the craters and the effect the methane gas explosions could have in the Bermuda Triangle area. Their further findings are expected to be made public in the following months.


If the scientists' finding is true, we can't imagine the harrowing experience the people inside all those ships have gone through. Just thinking about going to a point of no return send shivers down one spine. Tagal ko ng fascinated sa story ng bermuda triangle. Nabasa ko na din to sa isang online mag.

Kung sa taas, parang comparable sa black hole ang bermuda triangle.


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thanks for those new ideas and infos sir. actually i was so fascinated and interested since i heard that some kind of so called unresolved mysteries wayback highschool days, aswell of our own planet and the human origin truth.
but on my own, although the infos you've shared is a fact, scientists have been resolved whats the truth behind those triangular ranges or dimensions longtime ago and scientists, specially NASA keep on trying to hiding us that realm until this present millenia. actually although bermuda tri was the infamous port, we have that same triangle and same events aswell here in asia. that's one called the "dragon's triangle".


Sassy, that's otherwise known as the Devil's Sea..
Talaga naman kasi fascinating yung mga ganitong mysteries eh. Another one of my favorites is the Darvaz in Uzbekistan. Dream ko makapunta doon :)


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exactly khloe and we dig reality not just of fascination, we've must to awake our own selves to enlight others by sharing reliable truth and revealing asmuch as possible from what reality is.
even though theres a lot of coverups resulting ignorance on us. we don't know what they where hiding from us for a very longtime but there is always a core of truth. a core of truth will only found not just by digging, sometimes we must to reject some beholded wrong beliefs/knowledge attained from televisions, told by others, or even religion for us to awake and embrace reality and wisdom.
Isa lang solusyon jan.magpadala ng robot sa ilalim ng bermuda triangle,matagal na itong pinagtatalunan.sa mga barko posible yang methane explosion na yan.eh paano yung mga nawawalang mga eroplano?.check nyo rin guys itong philadelpia experiment.


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It´s a portal through ancient city, agartha., when mu and atlantis had a war. And also earth pole shifts create destruction long time ago, many humans from old race from the inner surface. Just find the portals

Philadelphia experiment, they try to experiment other things but they accidentally time travel

If you want to improve humans abilities just meditate and try some ancient technique, you will be avatar.

Did you know that earth has a twin planet, and it is now an asteroid belt?

Did you know that we actually worship the sun during sundays. It´s a pagan ritual, bible is altered and a copy of many religious cultures and manipulated to enslave human kind

Did you know that we humans have the ability in supernatural if we just developed it?

Did you know? Many other things you don´t know?
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no one in this planet could answer what really the truth is sa tingin ko kapangyarihan parin ang pinag simulan ng lahat ng ito.. reality is stranger than strange..
Maraming sekreto ang ancient world na di pinaaalam sa tao.kala nyo ba low tech mga tao nun.noon pa man lumilipad na tao sa kalawakan,at may nahukay na nagpapatotoo dito.

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