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Professora Akira

Oct 13, 2017
Desygner is an application to design drawings for brand promotion, product launch, or some other enjoyable artistic activities. Users can find most of the novelty models here, and the opportunity to enjoy an advanced toolset is also extended.

📌Desygner completes the work of a design editing tool and produces extremely unique works of art in many genres. The requests made are filtered and awaiting processing in a separate, horizontal command table. This is the best tool for future famous designers, aiming to integrate as much content in the application. Share this add-on with everyone and enjoy this bug-fixed update together!

📌To be able to perform operations in Desygner, users do not need to pay any fees, and they have the right to access and use resources from the repository. The template collection is always filled with millions of interesting images, icons, and font ideas. They will be added new regularly every day, meeting the requirements of professionalism. The templates available on the interface will be the foundation to help you create other versions of your style.

📌Layout It is important to divide a suitable layout before proceeding to arrange specific content for it. The toolbar will add support for text input, motion effects, and some pen styles for graphics. Finished products will be saved in your feed; they have their own names and are called projects. Every project is printable right from issuing commands on the phone.

📌Customize Privacy​

Users can use their projects on Desygner as an entertaining design for anyone to refer to or earn more from it by creating a separate price and privacy setting. A new panel pops up when entering a command from the toolbar asking to share it, giving you a few exciting options. Now, users can save time or have fun with it by being able to install the application on most devices.

📌Create brand logo​

Every store or brand always has its own logo, which represents the characteristics of the products on sale. Desygner will help users perform the steps to create a logo without spending too much time. A separate folder on the interface allows you to refer to the content related to the logo. Create a new design or improve from an existing template we provide.

📌Unique post for Social Network​

An important factor in attracting users on social networking platforms is unique posts. Banners, large headers, and cool new graphics will help you stand out among millions of users. It can appear on most photo and post-sharing platforms. You can also create short videos and upload them to promote your products on YøùTùbé!

📌Opening yiur own blog or website​

Develop content on the topic of healing or improving people’s spiritual lives by creating interesting posts on your blog or website. This is a new attraction strategy where anyone can be attracted to light content!

📌Join advertising design​

Posts that promote products or brands are already familiar to most users. However, creating an advertisement is not an easy job. The app will accompany you on that journey with unique templates provided by the designers on the menu. You can also use our tools to edit the content as you see fit.

📌Design everything​

Desygner can accomplish design work in almost any field. In addition to those mentioned above, the application also supports the creation of presentations, layouts for photos, and exciting marketing materials. An archive of over a million copies of different genres and styles. Are you satisfied with the features we provide? The feedback inbox will still accept your other reviews or requests.

📌Key Features​

– Apply and create more from the available designs for your products.
– Participate in the design board and make active contributions.
– Enjoy the experience of a professional toolkit that elevates the design level.
– Create unique ideas for social media posts and spread a lot of positive information to everyone.
– Design a variety of content for entertainment or work purposes.

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