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The Filipino Date
Men from the Philippines are often referred to as Pinoy or Filipino. Indeed, Filipino guys are in a class of their own. They are often thoughtful, sensitive, romantic, and sweet—though of course these are generalizations. Some Filipino men can be discriminating and choosy, but any woman—non-Filipino or otherwise—who is confident in herself will not have difficulty getting a Filipino date.

Men bring their culture with them wherever they live, so whether you are a foreign woman living in the Philippines, or you are dating a Filipino man elsewhere in the world, you will want to learn what makes Filipino guys unique.

Filipino Men Date Types

The Romantic
Will remember your birthday
Brings gifts
Might propose before first anniversary
The Cool Hunk
Handsome, savvy about women
Brags about his attractiveness
Fun, but commitment-shy
The Geek
Serious about work or studies
Sets high goals for himself
Choosy about women

The Master Chicker
Not monogamous
Not interested in a serious relationship

The Mama's Boy
Follows his mother's advice about women
Great date but difficult long-term partner

Mr. Dependent
Lives with parents
Not necessarily immature​

Mr. Romantic
Romantic types may seem few and far between, but this breed of Filipino man does still exist. He is the kind of guy who remembers the special days in your life, brings gifts, and treats you like a princess. Expect Mr. Romantic to be there for you at all times. He can be cheesy or mushy at times, but that's just him showing his true romantic side.

Simply enjoy and return the sentiment. However, if you don't plan on getting serious, try not to lead him on or keep him dangling. Make it clear to him that you are not looking to settle down. Otherwise he might propose before you have even celebrated your first anniversary.

The Cool Hunk
He is often attractive, savvy, and slick with the girls, but if you are wise you will be careful and not fall for his charms. He often brags about his magnetic personality and, indeed, women are drawn to him naturally. He generally takes care of himself by going to the gym and wearing hip clothing. He is the life of the party and is aware of his effect on women.

If you don't want your heart to be broken or if you are looking for a real keeper, better not to touch the Cool Hunk with a ten-foot poll. He can be fun, but a long term relationship is simply not what he's looking for right now. If you want great eye-candy, then enjoy him as a date, but that's it. Proceed with caution.

The Geek
He may not look like the over-hyped geek on reality shows, but there are Filipino geeks. They can even be hot in a geeky way. Intelligent-looking guys have a special allure that draws certain women. A geek can be serious, and he might seem to be more interested in his studies or career, but scratch beneath the surface and you might find a real gem.

This kind of guy loves a good intellectual discussion and you better be up to the challenge. He also loves setting high goals for himself, in school or in his career. He may be intensely tied-up with work or pursuing his masters or doctoral degree.

A geek can be quite a handful. If you are looking for engaging company, they may never run out of conversation topics. Since they work with their brains all day, you need to be on your toes. Make sure that you have enough between the ears to at least match his intellect. Mr. Geek can be quite choosy about women.

The Master Chicker
This guy is a modern Casanova and would like to maintain his image for a long time. He simply loves women and monogamy is not in his vocabulary. Most Master Chickers can't stand to be in a serious relationship. For them, love is a game of hunting and chasing. This may go on even into middle age. Don't get too close. You risk losing your mind and heart.

The Mama's Boy
There are good things and bad things about the Mama's Boy. One bad thing is that they follow what their mamas tell them, including who to date and when. You need not worry much, if you're not interested in marriage. There is nothing wrong with adoring mama, but it's a different story if a man lets her dictate everything in his life when he is already a full-grown ãdül†.

Mr. Dependent
There are many Filipino guys still living with their parents. This may come as a shock for those in the west, but that's how it goes in the Philippines. Extended families are common and a guy may still be with his folks until he is well into his 30s or until he marries. This doesn't, however, mean that the guy that you are dating is still a baby.

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