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Tutorial D2K-FT10 OTA Upgrade Blocking Without Superadmin (UPDATE: Permanent blocking with root)


Mar 28, 2020
Are you enjoying how our good friends here on PHC teach you how to make good use of the features of your device, provided at NO EXTRA COST? But, you fear that one day it may all be taken away? (If you've availed of the paid service then you don't have to worry about any of this at all).

Don't you hate it when a forced upgrade is pushed to your device without your consent? They take control of it like you're just renting the device from them, even though you bought it. Take back the control of your device upgrades that may further restrict its usefulness.

The OTA upgrade is NOT DONE via TR069 as is common in other devices. You'll see that the TR069 configuration page entries are blank, therefore not used. This is done via an FTP upgrade facility that is set to check every day and then upgrade when available, and is NON-CONFIGURABLE in the webui.

Here's how you block that on the D2K-FT10, now with permanent blocking via root. TAKE NOTE, this blocking procedure only works for versions 2993 and lower.

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This will at least keep your device from upgrading itself.
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