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Tutorial Cs/it thesis topic :) .


Jul 12, 2017
Sa mga nahanap ng pwede nila gawin sa thesis nila eto napo o . yung mga iba jan mejo gasgas na topic na . but its our job to upgrade those kind of topic and make it feasible/useful again . Godbless .

PS: Credits sa owner ng mga topic na to .

List of SOME thesis idea.
1. 3D Visualization of Conic Sections in XNA Game Programming Framework
2. A 3D Immersive Environment for Visualising Robot Sensor Data
3. A calibration system for a visual prosthesis
4. A collaborative web-based genome browser for large-scale epigenomic analysis
5. A Comparison of the Efficiency of an Atomic Component Operation versus Primitive Operations for Building a Real-Time Collaborative Editing API
6. A covert channel based on weak memory
7. A DSpace Mobile Theme for San Diego State University
8. A Dynamic Database Approach for E-Commerce System Using WordPress
9. A Flexible Test Interface and Grading Service For an AJAX Based Course Management System
10. A Foundational model of the ARM11 Memory Management Unit
11. A Household Mobile Robot
12. A Journey through the Lattice
13. A Method for Minimizing Computing Core Costs in Cloud Infrastructures That Host Location-Based Advertising Services
14. A Mobile Application to Aid Consumers in Accessing Cost Effectiveness in Their Automobile
15. A Mobile Device-Controlled Blood Pressure Monitor
16. A Mobile Tool about Causes and Distribution of Dramatic Natural Phenomena
17. A new Operating System Design for the Argus Multiprocessor platform
18. A New RAID Linux Flash File System
19. A New Software Project Management Tool
20. A PhD Thesis Submission/Examination System for UNSW
21. A Preferential Voting System as a Collaboration Software Solution
22. A service oriented cross-platform approach to perform thermodynamic calculations
23. A System for Retrograde Analysis in Chess
24. A System for Verifying Modularity in Action Theories
25. A System to Assist with Teaching Allocation
26. A usability Analysis of Privacy-preserving mobile applications through crowd sourcing
27. A Voting Ballot Web Application as a Collaborative Support System
28. ACP Automated Course Portal through Email
29. Adaptive Content Replication in Peer to Peer Networks
30. Adaptive E-learning
31. Adaptive Low Bit Rate Video strêâmïng Over Wireless Networks
32. Adaptive Server Selection in Peer-to-Peer Networks
33. Advanced File Manager with Multiple Functions to Manipulate Files with Different Formats
34. Advertisement Management System
35. Airline Reservation System
36. AJAX-based Process and Service Mashup
37. Allocation problems in practice
38. An AJAX Based Technical Forum for Thermodynamics Community
39. An AJAX-Based Event Calendar for a Course Management System
40. An Alternative Data Structure to Line Sweep Algorithm
41. An Android Application for Crime Analysis in San Diego
42. An Efficient Location Information Management System LIMS For Smartphone Applications
43. An Insight on a Mobile Friendly Web
44. An Intelligent Healthcare Data Management System for Mobile Environment
45. An Interactive Economic GIS Tool for Europe Using Map Objects for Java
46. An Interactive GIS Tool on Chinese History and Its Topography
47. An Interactive GUI Design for Code Analysis
48. An Interactive History and Geography of Mexico Using Map Objects for Java
49. An Interactive Mitochondrial Database
50. Analysing logs of super computers and data centres for anomaly detection
51. Analysis and Classification of Time-Series X-Ray Crystallography Image Sequences
52. Analysis and Debugging Techniques of Android Platform
53. Analysis of next generation sequencing data of microbial communities
54. Analysis of Protocols for High-assurance Networks
55. Android App for School of Arts and Design
56. Android Application for Library Resource Access
57. Android Based Menu Ordering App
58. Android based processor for real-time image processing in a bionic eye implant
59. Android Based Student Handbook
60. Android Implementation of the mSpeed mobile application
61. Android Joystick Application using Bluetooth
62. Android Mobile Quiz Game
63. Android Controlled Car
64. Android-Based Class Attendance Monitoring Application using Barcode
65. Answer Set Programming for Robot Control
66. API development for Application Analysis using CLANG/LLVM
67. Application Analysis for Designing Embedded Hardware
68. Application Design and Measurement in Cloud Platforms
69. Application Locker Android
70. Application of Ant-Based Technology in Selection of Glycan Markers for Cancer Detection
71. Application of Random Forest Algorithm in Biomarker Discovery for Cancer Detection
72. Applying Informed Search Methods to General Single-Player Games
73. Arabic Culture Course Management System
74. Architecture-driven Security Analysis
75. ASIP Design
76. Assorted GIS Tools
77. Attendance and Monitoring System using Barcode Technology
78. Attendance System using Barcode Technology
79. Automated Business Permit Issuance System
80. Automated Code Partitioning for MPSoC Architectures
81. Automated Legacy Code Partitioning for Embedded Systems
82. Automated Test Generation with Static Analysis
83. Automated Water Dispenser with Purifier with LG Touch Screen
84. Automatic extraction of information from textual financial data
85. Automatic IP Generation for ARGUS framework in FPGAs
86. Automation of Android Application and Bug Tracing Mechanism
87. Availability Analysis for Applications in Public Cloud
88. Bacterial evolution modelling the dynamics of antibiotic resistance
89. Belief Revision for General Game Playing
90. Big Data Analytics Hadoop Performance Analysis
91. Big Data Platform
92. Big Data Provenance
93. Bike and Running Trails on Android based on Google Maps API
94. Billing System
95. Bioinformatics of the immune system
96. Bioinformatics software testing
97. Biometric authentication on Apple Watch
98. Biometrics Projects
99. Bluetooth Controlled Robot using Android Mobile CoE/CpE/IT/CS
100. Book Catalog Application using Android
101. Breadcrumb Recommendation System The Nexus of User Intuition on Conceptual and Statistical Association
102. Brgy Certificate Issuance and Record Management System
103. Brgy Residents Information System PHP/MySQL
104. Building a Web Content Management System
105. Building Change Detection Based on Remote Sensed Images
106. Building Provably Secure Application
107. Burrows-Wheeler Aligner A Parallel Approach
108. Business Permit Issuance System
109. C-to-HDL Synthesis and Exploration for the ARGUS platform in FPGAs
110. Camera-Based Heart Rate Detector using Android
111. Car Registration License Plate Detection and Recognition System
112. Cascading Style Sheet Generator
113. Cashiering and Queuing System
114. Causal disease mutation identification in whole genome sequencing data
115. CEGAR testbed in Haskell
116. Cemetery Mapping and Information System
117. Chart feature facility packaged for map object java edition
118. CIBER Measurement Repository
119. Class Scheduling System
120. Class Time Table in Android
121. Classroom Management System
122. Click Modular Router on seL4
123. Client server based guidance system
124. Cloud Based File System on Mobile Device
125. Cloud-based computing for massively parallel single-cell transcriptomic analysis
126. Cloud-in-Cloud Software Defined Data Center for the Next Generation of Cloud Computing
127. Co-ordinating Multiple Cognitive Robotic Agents
128. CogenPro Migration from Java Desktop Application to Web Application
129. Cognitive vision
130. Collaborative Search of Universities for MS in the Southwestern US
131. Colonial History of Mexico A Bilingual GIS Application
132. Come and talk about topics of mutual interest
133. Comparative Analysis of Solutions to the Ramification Problem
134. Comparative Performance of Model checkers for epistemic logic
135. Comparative Study of Oracle Spatial and Postgres Spatial
136. Comparing performance of applications written in native SDK web phone frameworks and HTML5
137. Comprehensive Web Application for CITER Center of Industrial Training and Engineering Research
138. Computer Assisted Instruction any topic/subject PHP/MySQL Moodle
139. Computer Laboratory Time Management System
140. Computer-Aided Instruction with Voice Recognition system
141. Computerized Assessment of School Fees
142. Computerized detection of lung diseases using HRCT images
143. Computerized Faculty Evaluation System
144. Concurrency theory and distributed systems
145. Concurrent Programming Patterns for Scalable Network Platform Node js
146. Configurable Low-power FFT Processor Design and Implementation for Synthetic Aperture Radar SAR Applications
147. Content Management System for Art Lab SDSU
148. Continuous Deployment for Big Data Analytics Applications
149. Controlling a mobile robot using speech
150. Conversational Agent
151. Conversational agents for health communication
152. Convert sdo_geometry objectS to esri shapefiles
153. Converting American Sign Language to voice using RBFNN
154. Coordinated Multi-Robot Security System Using Fuzzy Logic Decision Making
155. Coordinating teams of robots
156. Course/Program Recommendation System
157. Creating Leon 3 platform for ARGUS
158. CREST and Process Mashup in the Cloud
159. CSE Database Managing Research/Publication Data
160. CUDA Implementation of Parallel Algorithms for Animal Noseprint Identification
161. Customization for Mobile EBook Readers
162. Cystic Fibrosis Patient Monitoring Application
163. Data Parallel Haskell Benchmark Suite
164. Data Races Detection in Java Programs
165. Deadlock Detection and Recovery in Linux
166. Decision support for a home telehealth system
167. Decision Support in Recommender Systems Using Opinion-Based Reviews
168. Decoding the language of life epigenomic determinants for cell-type-specific signalling response
169. Deep sequencing analysis of the early infection phase of hepatitis C virus
170. Dependable Auditing on Operations of in-Cloud Applications
171. Dependable Cloud Operations and Systems
172. Deployment of OpenCV for Embedded Systems and Multicore
174. Design and development of a Kinect-based 3D quantitative facial assessment tool for clinical practice
175. Design and Implementation of an Automated Software Verification Tool
176. Design and Implementation of Workflow for Content Management System
177. Design and Implementing Web Content Management System
178. Design of Digital Circuits for FPGA Fault Tolerance
179. Design of Synthetic Aperture Radar SAR Application Specific Instruction Set Processor ASIP
180. Designing a Better Authentication Model
181. Designing Adaptive Interfaces
182. Designing and implementing a memory-safe C language and its runtime library
183. Designing effective instructional animations
184. Designing Network-on-Chips for the ESLoC Platform
185. Desktop Quiz game for HRM
186. Detect Malodorous Software Pattern and Refactor them
187. Detecting Exaggerated Rankings in Online Reviews
188. Detecting software bug for Go programs
189. Detection of referrable stage of diabetic retinopathy in new retinal camera images
190. Determining Dolphin Species by Their Echolocation Clicks A Study of the Effects of Site Variability Noise And Recording Equipment Differences
191. Developing Google Android Application Using the RESTful Web-Services
192. Developing Google Android Mobile Clients for Web Services
193. Developing new methods for analysis of next generation genome sequencing data
194. Development of Json and Ajax enabled database driven user interfaces for science application portals
195. Dictionary Program PHP/MySQL Android
196. DLOOP A Flash Translation Layer Exploiting Intra-plane Copy-back Operations
197. Document Reader Interface Database and Admin Panel
198. Document Reader Interface Designing the GUI
199. Domain Specific Modelling Language Design for Model Driven Development
200. Drowsy and Decay Leakage Control for the Register File/Cache Memory Architecture
201. DTR Daily Time Record System
202. DTR Daily Time Record System with Biometrics
203. Dynamic program analysis for bug detection using static program slicing
204. Dynamic Projection of Data on Maps Based on Time-lines Client Side
205. E-commerce paypal integration
206. E-Learning System
207. E-voting system
208. E-Voting System with SMS technology
209. Ecommerce site – PHP/MySQL Joomla Wordpress
210. EDSL for data serialisation and de-serialisation
211. EDSL for mobile graphic apps
212. Educational Android Quiz game for Computer Fundamentals - Android
213. Effective Cross-Kernel Communication
214. Electronic Ordering System
215. Electronic Police Clearance System
216. Email based FAQ web application
217. Embedded algorithms for a low power wearable fall detector
218. Employee Ranking System
219. Encultured Agents for teaching culture
220. Enhanced AutoCAD Grading Application Back End Component
221. Enhanced AUTOCAD Grading Application Front End Component
222. Enhanced Mapping Application for SDSU Study Abroad Program
223. Enhancement of MC68000 Simulator Macros to Support Floating Point Number
224. Enhancing the Autonomous Robotic Person Detection and Following Using Modified Hough Transform
225. Enrollment System PHP/MySQL
226. Entrance Examination
227. Evaluation of Expert Diagnosis for Lung Diseases
228. Evaluation of Heterogeneous Communication Architecture for MPSoCs in ARGUS
229. Evaluation of Mapping Techniques for Heterogeneous MPSoCs for ARGUS
230. Evaluation System Faculty & Staff
231. Event Planner with SMS and Social Sharer Android
232. Evolution of Cricket and Comparison to Baseball
233. Evolution of Democracy in Europe
234. Evolution of EGF domains
235. Evolution of Redox-regulation of Cys Residues in Proteins
236. Evolution of transglutaminases from papain-like cysteine proteases
237. Examination Scheduler
238. Execution Monitoring for Robots
239. Exploiting the weakest link in high-security systems
240. Exploring Structural Properties and Consensus Performance in Complex Networks
241. Exploring the genotype/phenotype relationships in lamin A/C
242. Expressiveness of Distributed Systems
243. Face Detections
244. Face Recognition System
245. Facilitating Research with Learner Data in Online Speaking Test
246. Faculty Annual Report Maintenance Website
247. Faculty Information System
248. Fault Tolerance Platforms for Large-Scale Distributed Applications
249. Fault Tolerant Token Ring Network Design for SEU Recovery on Reconfigurable Hardware
250. Field Testing and Performance Evaluation of a Mobile-Platform-Based QR Code Reader for Multilingual Public Information Display Applications
251. Fine Grained Location Using Mobile Augmented Reality
252. Finger Position Data Acquisition System for Cross-Modal Tactile/Visual Cognition Studies
253. Fire and Smoke System with SMS notification
254. First person view system for a remote control aircraft
255. First-aid App for Android
256. Fish Information System
257. Fleet Monitoring via GPS GPRS/GSM using Huawei Modem
258. Flood Monitoring with GPRS TEch using Google Earth API
259. Formal modelling verification and analysis of wireless mesh networks
260. FPGA implementation of ASIP Processors
261. FPGA-based satellite flight computer
262. Functional verification of dynamic reconfiguration in Zynq FPGAs
263. Game AI Believeable Characters
264. Game AI Conversational behaviours
265. Game Design Game Feel
266. Game design Games for Vision Science
267. Game Design Procedural Level Generation
268. Game Design Project
269. Game interfaces Cognitive load adjustment
270. Gene regulatory network in embryonic organ development
271. General Game Playing for Security Games
272. General Game-Playing Robot
273. General Service Office Automated Inventory System
274. Generating Data for Relational Schemas
275. Generating Game-Specific Knowledge to Improve Monte Carlo Tree Search
276. Generation and Analysis of Finite Monoids with an Emphasis on Syntactic Monoids
277. Generic Log Analysis Tool
278. GENERIC TOPIC Programming Languages & Systems
279. Genome based molecular typing of pathogenic bacteria
280. Genome-wide chromatin landscape analysis of fungal epigenomes
281. Geographic Information System with Flood-Prone Location
282. Geolocation Project Google Gears API
283. Geospatial Information Extraction from Big Data Streams
284. Get Help Android App with GPS and Map
285. GIS application on modern Mexico
286. GIS Assisted History of Middle East Empires
287. GIS Based Application Tool History of East India Company
288. GIS Based Learning Tool for World's Largest Earthquakes and Its Cause
289. GIS based tool on Indian Independence Movement
290. GIS Learning Tool for Ottoman Empire
291. GIS Learning Tool for USA's Tallest Skyscrapers and Their Construction
292. GIS Multimedia Teaching Tool about Africa
293. GIS Multimedia Teaching Tool about the Mormon Battalion
294. GIS Multimedia View of Local Politics
295. GIS Tool for California State Legislature Electoral History
296. GIS Tool for Chinese Diaspora
297. GIS Tool for Learning about Ottoman Empire
298. GIS Tool for Learning about Russian Empire
299. GIS Tool for US Possessions
300. GIS Tool on Fuel Resources of the American Continent
301. GIS Tool Showing Emperors Wars and Important Battles During the Rise and Fall of Roman Empire
302. GIS Tool to Demonstrate Freeway Evolution in San Diego
303. GIS Tool to Locate Sikh Temples in US
304. GIS Tri-Lingual Tool for Learning about South and Central America
305. GIS-based Interactive Tool to Map the Advent of World Conquerors
306. GIS-Based Seismic Damage Assessment
307. GPS Tracking System
308. Grade Viewer Application in Android
309. Grading System /MySQL
310. Grid Navigation & Path Planning Algorithm Using a Proposed New Greedy Approach
311. Group Messenger Application using Android
312. GSR Sensor with Android App
313. Hardware design for Power Anlaysis Attacks in Embedded Systems
314. Hardware development on the ESLoC Multiprocessor Platform
315. Hardware interconnect development for Modern Caches and Processors
316. Herbal Plants Information System
317. High School Grade Recording System Form 138 & Form 137
318. High-Level Control Programs for Baxter Robot
319. Highly Interactive Web Services
320. Holistic Computerized Faculty Evaluation System
321. Home Appliances controlled by Android Smartphone
322. Hospital system
323. Hotel and Reservation System PHP/MySQL
324. Hotel management system
325. Hotel Reservation Application with Mobile Compatibility in Android
326. Hotel reservation system
327. Human Resource Information System HRIS
328. Human Resource Management System
329. Iberian Exploration Seen Through GIS

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330. Identification and resolution of issues in systems security
331. Identification of Alternative Translation Initiation Sites Bioinformatic Analysis of Mammalian 5' UTR Location Prediction of Start Sites
332. IGP Billing System
333. Image Edge Detection Using Ant Colony Optimization Algorithm
334. Implementation of DTW Algorithm for Application Security
335. Implementation of Identity Discovery as a Service Provided By Third Party Authentication Server
336. Implementation of Strong Invariance on ACO Algorithms And Optimized Routing of Data Packets in Wired Networks
337. Implementing processor cores on FPGAs
338. Importance of Metadata in Data Warehousing
339. Improved User Interface to Display and Edit Multiple Files and Folders
340. Incredible India GIS Based Application Tool
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