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Clash of clans: hogibarch farming strategy


Jun 9, 2016
Hello, At the moment i shall be speaking about the best farming strategy for TH8 - TH11 gamers after the latest update which is HoGiBarch which particularly means Hogs, Giants, Barbarians and Archers.

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You'll be able to attack any sort of base for loot. You'll be able to successfully attack storages or collectors inside a base, or collectors across the exterior sides of the base. Which means, you’ll be looking less as you will have more bases to focus on. This composition can also be one of the most efficient compositions for storage raiding due to how fast it trains. Because you’re using the Dark Barracks for farming, that’s a complete of 6 Barracks you’re utilizing. This army trains quicker than different efficient armies such as GiBarch, Barch, or mass Goblins, and is ready to do much more destruction to a base.

Why should I use HoGiBarch?
  • Very fast to train. This can be a very efficient army that trains in a short time since you're using 6 Barracks! This army composition trains quicker than Barch, GiBarch, mass Goblins, and so on.- Very highly effective attack. That is most likely the fastest to train army that’s the best at raiding storages.
  • Extremely versatile multidimensional attack. You possibly can attack nearly any kind of base. You possibly can go for collectors exterior base, you'll be able to go for storages or collectors inside base. For instance, with a Barch army, you’ll have a tough time getting storages inside a base. Whereas a strong GoWiPe army, you’ll have a tough time getting all of the collectors outside a base simply since you don’t have sufficient troops. Just not a wise concept to make use of a GoWiPe for farming anyway. HoGiBarch permits you to do what each Barch and GoWiPe mixed can do, however train faster and low cost.
  • Less time nexting/searching. You'll search much less. Why? Since you don’t must seek for a really very long time for a dead base or a very weak base. With this composition, you may simply go for a complete of at the very least four hundred,000 useful resource inside just some searches.
  • Extremely fun and strategic. When you love attacks which might be fun to do and require a number of technique, you then’ll love this assault. With the excessive versatility of this army, you are able to do a lot in an attack and attack a base in many different methods. Hog Riders are additionally tremendous fun to make use of!
  • Very low-cost. The one troop that value quite a bit is the Hog Rider, however you solely want 8 of them! One can find that you simply’ll really find yourself making much more Dark Elixir sooner even by utilizing Hog Riders. Why? As a result of this army trains sooner than any Elixir-only army (as you’re using 6 Barracks), so that you’ll do extra raids in the long run and make extra DE. Not solely that, this military lets you storage raid, which means you’ll get that DE Storage loads and make a lot of DE quick.
HoGiBarch Army Composition


  • Barrack 1 = 2 Wall Breakers, 3 Giants, rest Barbarians
  • Barracks 2, 3, and 4 = 2 Wall Breakers each, 3 Giants each, and rest all Archers
  • Dark Barracks 1 and 2 = 4 Hog Riders each
  • Spells = Rage and Heal Spells
If you're NOT utilizing the Archer Queen, then don’t cook any Giants. As an alternative, use 12 Hog Riders as a substitute and only cook Heal Spells.

Trophy League?

Well I’ve been having a whole lot of success in Silver League with the trophy vary of 900 to 1200 trophies. Why Silver? Benefits of Silver League:

  • No concern for maintaining trophies. For example, you possibly can freely assault exterior collectors with little troops after which simply stop with out successful as a result of it’s really easy to get again these trophies. I don’t deal with profitable trophies in any respect and I discover myself dropping trophies often.
  • A lot of rushed bases. There are such a lot of rushed weak bases with loaded Storages inside the bottom. You’ll should hard time stealing all that useful resource with one thing like Barch, however not with HoGiBarch! You'll be able to simply break inside these bases with HoGiBarch and get all these storages.
  • Extra dead bases. There are many dead bases in Silver. You’ll discover dead bases right here extra incessantly than in increased leagues. When you need to avoid Bronze League since you’ll begin to cloud a lot until you’re a TH8 player.
  • Simple bully targets. If you wish to make loot quick, then that you must bully the Town Hall level below you a lot. Why? As a result of it’s solely a 10% loot penalty. Which signifies that should you’re a TH9 player and also you assault a TH8, then the whole loot accessible to you is simply deducted by 20%. That’s little or no! And it’s really easy beating any TH8 player as a TH9 player, so you need to attempt to bully as a lot of them as you'll be able to. That’s why Silver League is the perfect league for that, you’ll discover tons of TH8s. Similar with TH10s who wish to bully TH9s and TH11s who need to bully TH10s, and many others.
  • This composition will work in Gold, Crystal, and Masters. It might really be higher for farming in Masters League if you need extra Dark Elixir and are using strong Heroes equivalent to not less than level 20 Barbarian King and and level 20 Archer Queen. Especially if you happen to’re boosting, I’d recommend Masters.

  • You need to purpose for a complete of at the least 400,000 in whole useful resource. For instance, if you happen to can steal 150,000 Gold and 250,000 Elixir from a base, then you must attack it. Whether or not you assault the collectors or storages for it. So long as you get that minimum total goal.
  • If loot is scarce and also you’re discovering your self trying to find too long, then it's best to decrease your goal to a minimal of 300,000 in complete useful resource. You'll nonetheless make heaps in profit and all the time discovering your storages filling up fast.

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