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Children stolen by ghost Inuit tail


Aug 19, 2019
Children Stolen By A Ghost

An Inuit Tale

It was in the fall when a group of Inuit were living in iglus built in a row on a slope of a
hill. Children were playing on the ice with the moon shining brightly. Not so long ago,
children used to play outside.

While they were playing, a half human ghost overtook them. She took off her atigi amaut
strap and tied them together by the waist. The parents did not know what the ghost was
doing to their children.

After tying up the children the ghost said,
“I’ll cut you up with my big ulu.”
And with that she left the children to get her ulu, confident that they would never run
away since they were tied up securely She knew they would still be there when she
returned with her ulu.

There were two big girls among the tied up children who had helping spirits. Their
helping spirits were dogs, wolverines, wolves, sparrows and bees. People used to have
helping spirits, which was quite common and probably many Inuit still use it. They were
really useful because it was not only the voice that was used.

When the ghost was gone, a little sparrow, that was one of the helping spirits said,
“Shall I untie all of you, shall I untie you?”
The children all answered,
“Yes, yes, untie us!”

The children all ran home as soon as they were set free, leaving the little sparrow behind
with the ghost’s atigi amaut strap. One of the children with the helping spirit also ran

The ghost who had tied the children came back and seeing only her atigi amaut strap said.
“Now than, where are my captive children?”
She said this thinking she was alone. The little sparrow that was flying over the ghost all
that time said,

“Try to recapture your captive children.”

The ghost replied,
“It is surprising that such a bird as small as a piece of meat between the teeth, has a

The little sparrow snapped right back,
“Then put me between your teeth, tweet.”

The ghost replied,
“You are as a fish tail tip.”

But the bird answered again,
“And you are as a who fish’s tail.”

The half human ghost, who had planned to capture the children, did not have any more