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Stories Chances 4


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Aug 31, 2015
Chances 4

Hope stood with her tiny suitcase filled with the few pieces of clothing she owned. In her hand, she held her favorite teddy bear. She was ready to go with Sam. One of the men took her suitcase, which appeared dwarfed in his hand. The other man attempted to grab Hope's hand. She quickly pulled it away and held it close to her tiny body.

Sam led the group down to her car. One man opened the back door for Hope. She turned to look back at the woman she considered her mom, who waited in the doorway, her apron clutched tightly over her mouth. Hope slowly waved and reluctantly sat in the car.

The man with her suitcase sat beside her, blocking the window. She no longer saw her mom. The other man got in beside her. She looked at the two men. They towered over her. She tried to shrink down to make her seem invisible. They made her feel so small and insignificant, almost like a bug.

Sam got into the car. She turned to gaze at Hope. "Relax honey, you will be fine. You are going to a nice place where you will be with other children your own age." She drove quickly away from the house.

She chattered away, as she drove. She stopped at a big white house that was three stories high. The men took Hope out of the car. Sam tried to take her hand, but Hope refused and tucked it into her pocket. There were steps that lead up into the building.

Once inside, Sam walked up to a glassed in desk area and handed Hope's file to a clerk through the glass. Hope stood behind the woman between the two men. A big woman shuffled out a door and approached Hope. The woman took her teddy bear. "You will get these back when you leave," she told Hope.

Hope stood in shock at the loss of her bear. Being unable to speak made anything she could say pointless. She shrugged and looked at the floor. As she looked at the floor, she mentally counted the number of tiles. The big woman came back.

"Hope, this is Margarette. She is in charge here and the one to see if you have problems." She smiled slightly. "Well I should be going. I got other foster homes to visit. Take care."

Margarette stood in front of Hope. "Follow me. We need to get you settled with a bed. You will be here for a while. This is your new home."

Hope's eyes wandered around her carefully. Her eyes stopped at a group of kids that surrounded a small blonde girl. She couldn't tell what the girl looked like because the kids kept pushing her around. Hope could tell that the blonde girl's arms clung to her body tightly, as if she wanted to disappear. Hope started to feel anger at what was happening to the poor girl. Wasn't this bad? Why isn't anyone doing anything about it?

She began to walk toward the group, but the Margarette grabbed her hand and dragged her away. She wanted to protest in some way, but the way Margarette looked at her, was an evil look. It didn't scare her, but it made Hope aware that she wasn't sweet like good German chocolate. She knew this woman didn't care what was going on. The sad part about it was that Sam probably didn't know what was going on either.

Much to her disliking, she noticed how she looked. Her hair was long and fake blonde that faded at the roots showing her real dark brown hair. She had heavy make-up that made her look like a clown that ran away from the circus. Her nails were fake and colored soft pink that looked ugly on her. To make things even worse, she was fat. Not chubby or still had baby fat. No, she was so overweight that her clothes fit too tightly on her. The woman looked down on her again with another ugly look.

They soon reached a semi-large room. The woman pointed at a bunk bed angrily, "This is where you sleep on the top bunk from now on." She walked to the door and sighed deeply but smirked at Hope evilly. "You will be living with that stupid blonde girl you saw today." She left without another word.

Hope just shook her head in disappointment at the way Margarette acted when telling her about her roommate. She pushed it aside and started to observe the room carefully. There were many drawings on the walls. All different kinds, dragons, animals, fairies, witches, people and some that just looked strange.

She turned toward the bunk bed and noticed a small dragon that's main color was a grayish purple and wings a shocking hot pink. It was an unusual color for a toy dragon, but at the same time it was so pretty to Hope. She went up to grab it, but small squeal came from behind her. She turned her head slightly and there stood the blonde girl.

The girl ran in front of her, jumped on the bed to grab her dragon and held it tight against her. "Don't you dare touch him," she scolded Hope. She waited for Hope to say something, but after a while, she figured she wouldn't answer her. She began to speak softly, "He doesn't like strangers touching him. He would have been mad at me, if I let that happen."

Hope just gave her a big smile, which made the blonde girl blush. Hope began to dig in her pockets and brought out her notebook pad and pencil. It only took a few seconds to write on the paper and then she gave it to the blonde girl.

'Hi, my name is Hope. What is yours?' It said on the notebook.

"Evangeline is my name," she said proudly and handed back the notebook.

Hope began to write on it again and handed it back to her.

'Evangaline? Did I spell it right?'

"No, change the A here to an E." She pointed the mistake out to her.

Hope nodded in understanding and grabbed her notebook back to start writing again, but Evangeline spoke first.

"Hey, why don't you speak?" she said curiously.

Hope smiled, as she showed her the one word on the paper. 'Mute,' she turned her back towards her and started unpacking.

"Oh, that makes sense, I think. So what caused your muteness?" She spoke out in curiosity again, but then noticed Hope stiffened at the question. She knew that she didn't want to talk about it, "Uh never mind, you don't need to answer that." Hope relaxed, when she finished unpacking all her stuff.

Suddenly a boy ran into the room straight for Evangeline, without noticing Hope. The tall boy who looked about thirteen got in Evangeline's face, "Aw, look at that, this little snot plays with her dragon again."

He went to grab it, but she ran toward Hope and hid behind her. That was when he noticed her. Hope just stared at him with caution.

He looked at her with wonderment, but also a hint of disgust. He had mixed feelings for the little girl that stood in front of him. Before he could make a decision to say something to her, his attention went back to the blonde girl.

He laughed aloud. "Well look at that. Blondie is hiding behind the new girl. How pathetic. And you know what else is funny? She probably thinks you are pathetic and a waste of space too."

His words hurt Evangeline and it showed all over her face. Hope turned around and gave her a big hug, before turning back around to walk toward the boy.

It surprised him that she walked his way. He unknowingly began to walk backwards into the wall. "H-hey stay away from me. I don't need a newbie to tell me shit." He spoke out of fear, a fear that came from nowhere.

She stood in front of him smiling. He was confused byt the smile she had on her face. It looked like it had happiness, but also a hint of mystery. She suddenly flicked him on the forehead and went back to Evangeline's side. He watched, as she took Evangeline's hand and left the room.

Hope began to hum, as she led them outside. Evangeline looked at Hope in shock. "She didn't get hurt or mad at what he said to her. She just flicked him and went on her merry way with me," she thought to herself.

Evangeline may have found someone to look up to for the very first time.
Credits to respectful owner (Y)

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