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Stories Chances 3


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Aug 31, 2015
Chances 3

As the morning sun began to seep through the soft pink curtains, Hope slept soundlessly in her bed. It was almost six months, since she received the phone call from her father. She was greatly worried about all of it. Was it going to be the last time she heard from him? When the thoughts and concerns began in her head, she stirred in her sheets not wanting to get up.

Sunshine began to lick her face to wake her up, but she just shifted in bed.

A soft knock came from outside her door. Without Hope saying a word, the woman opened her door and spoke in a sweet loving voice. "Hope honey, are you up? You need to get up and ready. We are going to the park today."

Hope slowly sat up in her bed and gave the woman a big smile. The dog sat up quickly with all the movement in the bed. It jumped off the bed and went over to the door.

The woman laughed softly, "Now hurry along. Breakfast will be ready for you downstairs. Oh and put on that yellow sun dress, the boys got for your birthday last month." She smiled then exited the room with the dog following her, as she went downstairs.

Once she took a step into the kitchen, she saw her sons sneaking food. "James and Ted! If you touch that pancake right there, I am going to take off my chancla and hit you both with it!"

Over at the table their father sat and read the morning newspaper, "Dear they are hungry boys, let them eat."

She glared at her husband, "Oh cut the crap Dave. The last time I checked you don't read the morning paper."

James walked behind his father and saw what he was looking at, "Mom, he is looking at ***** women!"

"Boys go check if Hope is ready to come downstairs." She smiled at them, but in her eyes, there was a glint of do-it-or-you-die-too.

When the boys left the kitchen, mom walked toward her husband and stood behind him. He knew her very well, his body stiffened afraid of what she would do. She leaned on him, while her left hand stroked his cheek.

"Babe, this is what you are going to do. You are going to throw away that magazine and say sorry to your son for what he saw. Then you are going to sleep on the sofa for the next month."

He gulped and closed the magazine. "And if I don't?"

She stood up and started to set the table. "Then I guess you are going to need your left hand to do all the work for you the rest of the year."

After she finished that sentence, the kids came into the kitchen. The boy's mother saw Hope and squealed in happiness, while she hugged the crap out of her.

Ted looked at Hope's face in horror, as she turned blue. "Mom! You are killing her with your death hug."

She let her go and looked apologetic, "Well if she wasn't so cute and I had a daughter myself, it wouldn't have happened."

Hope just smiled at the boy's mom and gave her a big hug.

They sat around the table and ate. It was silent for a while because mother was busy glaring at father for what he did earlier.

James broke the silence, "Hope, do you know the story about my mother’s chancla."

Hope shook her head no.

"Okay, so my dad ended up forgetting about their anniversary. When my stupid dad broke the news to her, she told him he had five seconds to run. He ran straight and turned a corner but my mom already threw her chancla. In addition, get this. The chancla turned the corner too and hit him right in the face. True story."

Hope covered her mouth and made a movement as if she was laughing.

The mother tried not to laugh, "That is not what happened. Mr. Ruiz tripped and hit his face on the floor."

Ted looked at his father, "What happened dad?"

"I don’t want to talk about it. Your mother is evil."

"DAVE!" Mrs. Ruiz raised her voice.

"What? You told me not to lie to the child."

"Have fun with your left hand for the next month. Oh, kids get your stuff ready. We are leaving in ten minutes." She said laughing evilly.

The kids ran up to their rooms and her husband just murmured to himself.

A loud knock came on the front door and Sunshine barked loudly at it. Sunshine never barked like that for anyone at the door.

The parents looked at each other in curiosity. The wife went to answer the door and who she found shocked her. It was a woman in a black skirt suit. Her pitch-black hair was in a bun. Two men stood behind her. They wore dark glasses and appeared strongly built.

"Is this the residence where Miss Hope lives?" The black-haired woman's voice came out cold and hard.

"Excuse me but who are you?"

Her husband moved behind his wife, so they could not enter, while the dog moved between the two women.

"Oh yes. I am one of the workers for Foster Care. We came to get Hope and enter her in the system."

The couple looked at her in shock. The dog growled. The wife looked at her dumbfounded, "What do you mean?"

"Hope’s father was found guilty for the murder of her stepmother. It happened that he killed her because she hired her cousin to torture Hope, while she was gone. We found no evidence or reports of any kind of abuse. Anyway, the court wants her in Foster Care. So please get her, before we need to use force."

"You aren’t taking her away. Better yet, you aren’t stepping into this house," She got into the woman’s personal space. The growling dog stood tall to the side ready to pounce.

They were both the same height also had the same dominance in their soul.

"Listen Mrs…" Her husband interrupted her.

The dog growled louder at her.

"Call her Sam." He said rudely.

"Sam, get out of my face and just give me the child." She said coldly.

The dog growled louder and barked at her wildly.

"Oh you think you can just come here and take her? Hell no! She is living in my house and what I say here goes. So get your *** back in your car and leave." She took another step towards her and made the lady step back.

The woman started to frown, "Once again Sam, if you don’t hand over the child in the next two minutes. I will get the police. Please, get your dog under control."

"Oh okay. Sunshine get inside now before you make that woman pee her pants." The dog went inside, as he obeyed the mother. She pushed her husband inside and turned at the woman. "Come right in."

The woman started to walk back up to the door, but suddenly it closed hard in her face. She fell back and held her nose in pain. She cursed to herself and took her phone out to call the police.

Sam started to walk back and forth in the living room thinking.

"Darling, we are going to have to give her Hope, when the police arrive." Dave sat on the couch while he watched his wife.

"No ****en duh, Dave!" She yelled.

Hope and the boys ran downstairs and stopped in front of them.

James spoke out happy, "Alright mom, we are ready let's go."

Sam started to bite her finger nails, "Dave?"

"Boys say your goodbyes to Hope right now. We are going to see her again, later." Dave smiled at the kids. The boys did what they were told not really worried about the situation.

Once the boys finished their goodbyes, Sam spoke up, "Boys go up to your room. I need to talk to Hope in private."

When the boys left, she came up to Hope and got on her knees. She gently pushed the hair out of Hope’s face, "Hope hun, just listen to what I got to say okay."

She nodded her head in approval.

"Okay, there is a woman outside who is going to take you away. You didn’t do anything wrong. It’s just your father got in trouble with the law. Since we aren’t your legal guardians, they need to take you away. Don’t you worry, once we do the papers, you are coming right back here, okay?"

At the end, Hope looked scared and confused, but this time Dave came and kneeled in front of her. The dog walked over to Hope and sat against her.

"Come on Hope, don’t be scared. You will be fine, til’ we get you back. Until then, promise me you will be tough and strong. Not just for yourself, but for others too." She pinky swore with Dave then he hugged her tightly. The dog jumped up on Hope to join the hug. Hope put her hand down and the dog licked it.

Sam joined the hug and tried to hold back the tears. She smiled at Hope, "Now let’s get you going, the cops are here and I don’t need to go back to jail."

Dave looked at Sam amused, "You never went to jail before."

Sam smirked, "Being married to you is like being in jail."

With that little joke, it broke the tension and calmed Hope’s nerves giving them both a smile.

Sunshine came from behind Hope and licked her face whimpering. Hope petted him and gave him a smile, which stopped the whimpering.

Sam opened the door right when the cops came out of their car. Hope walked out first followed by them.

"Didn’t I tell you I just wanted to tell her goodbye before she left? I don’t know why you had to call the police." Sam smirked at the woman.

The police officer turned to the foster care woman, "You called us out for nothing? As we said over the phone, we are very busy today."

The police officer got back into his car and left.

The woman just shook her head about what just happened, "Is she ready to go then?" She said with venom in her voice.

"If you keep acting like that, then no." Sam smiled sweetly to her.

The woman was frustrated with Sam, but she took a deep breath, "I am sorry, but can we please get going?"

Hope waved goodbye to them, as she walked over to the woman. When she was right next to her, she knew it would be a long time until she saw them again.
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