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Capstone computer library card


May 5, 2019
Proposal: Computerized Library Card
Main Problem: manually log all the information of borrowers, returned and borrowed books.
Solution to the problem: A digital card that contains information about a student, his use of the library books borrowed and information about the books, returned books etc. Using radio frequency identification

Baka po may marunong gumawa nito willing to pay po. Thank you!


Check this thread https://phcorner.net/threads/700883/

Basicallly you want an ID system based on RFID. This is not a trivial project.

Things to consider:

1. The hardware

Have you worked with Internet of Things before? Have you successfully write and read a simple data inside an RFID card?

2. The distribution

How are you planning to record each student's info on an RFID and distribute them?

3. The software

Have you created a web app or desktop app that's able to communicate with a backend API?

4. The integration

How will you integrate your software with your hardware? Let's say you got an Arduino based RFID system and you plan to stick that with a VB6 app (big shame on if you do lol).

5. What is your timeline?

Try breaking down the tasks and see if this project is plausible.

These are just some of the concerns that you might wanna consider


Eternal Poster
Agree with pixit.

From time to time, I see threads like this where people conceive these super complex projects without having a good grasp of the fundamentals of programming, networking, security and sysadmin.

Why don't we start learning the basics first? Understand the uses of variables, conditionals, loops basic algo etc.

This thread is a good example. Implementing this kind of project requires a good understanding of RDBMS and SQL, ERD, UML at the very least. Is it a team project or a lone-ranger kind of thing?


You'll surely be using an RFID based system/hardware here. The thing is, have you ever read about how this thing works? Do you already had the knowledge about your proposed project? Have you personally handled and used an RFID and observed how it works? If no, then you might want to reverse the process(instead of storing info into a smart tags, let it be stored on a db). Just make a Library System with barcode integration then make it capable of printing QR code to be able to produce as ID to be distributed to the students as their Library access ID. This might be more practical and suitable to your level of programming experience.