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Stories Can a New Year Resolution of a Thief be Successful?


Feb 11, 2021
Can a New Year Resolution of a Thief be Successful?

MGL Emvie

The most feared thief among the rich are the criminals Claude, and his partner Dexter. With powers and skills blessed by the Zodiac Libra, Claude stole so many that the Saber Police Force cannot count. Aside from high success rate, none was ever able to even touch a strand of his hair. All things that is pleasurable to his eyes are likely to fall into his hands. No gemstones, artifacts, and magical relics are safe in the city.
One day, an evil force came and attacked the city. Though the City repelled the invasion, the destruction of the city is too much to bear. Claude realized the City's guard was lacking their usual armaments, which are the relics and magical items that sleep silently in his storages of stolen items. Due to handical, many people died and then the government fell into chaos.
Although the City recovered, it become something else after several months. That is because corrupt officials claimed the seat on the government posts. Lust and greed destroyed the spirit of the city, and this put the citizens in great despair and suffering.
"Why bother? I have those qualities too." Claude said to himself.
However, he is reminiscing the city filled in prosperity. Back then, fireworks filled the skies whenever the year ends. Vibrant sparkles illuminated all corners of the streets. And the laughters and happiness isn't monopolized by people in power. Now, only silence and cold winds roam the City in the New Year.
"There's no fun in this." Claude said. "I shall change things back. I promise in this new year. I will not steal for my own benefit. Helping the masses doesn't sound bad. Right Dexter? I was blessed by the Zodiac's first Libra so I should balance the scale of equality in this city. But the city shouldn't be chooser as I specialize in thievery." he said.
After that, Claude sneak out night after night in government facilities. Not to steal foods for the weak nor golds for the poor, but information and weapons to instigate the brewing pressure among the citizens. There's a similar idea of resisting and rebelling among the minds of the people but none is actually doing it. However, Claude knew that with a little spark, the flame of revolution will blaze.
But Claude wanted the poor to help themselves. "You guys shouldn't rely too much in me. The strong always win and the weak always die. If you guys will die in the process, then die. It's better for you to have a meaningful death than a meangless life. I'll have to steal your dignity and honor back from your oppressors." he said.
After several weeks of preparation, the night of the great rebellion came. Armies of peasants and citizens came and attack the government city hall. They planned to capture the city force's main command.
Unfortunately, when they reached the primary barrier, they met a power defense structure of the Saber Police Force. Bullets rained at them from the machine guns at their turrets. Together with a semi-noumenon shield and the lasers of the police air patrols, the attacks of air and land vanguard of the rebellion was pinned. The rebels initiate covert attacks to push through the defense but that tactic failed because of the air patrol spotters. They tried to force through using their numbers but the SABER assassins break this strategy. It only took an hour for the government SABER defense force to put the intense blitz of the rebels into stalemate.
"Not good." Claude said. "The rebels will exhaust their power, magic, energy, and ammo first before the defense. They can retreat but the pursuit of Saber Police Force will give the resistance a powerful blow in their forces. Honestly, I don't want to. But I promised that I shall protect the balance of the city now and steal for the benefit of the people."
In the pentagon-like pillars of the outer turrets that protects the government hall and which also provide the energy signal of the outer barriers, like a geyser, a blazing fire sprouted above these pillars. Confused, the rebels and the soldiers paused in a cease-fire causing a minute of silence. After that, the fire reshaped into a human figure. And then it turned into Claude's hologram.
"The extermination of corrupt officials!" Claude said. "Disgusting! The way you steal are not as honorable as the way I steal. Behold--"
Claude uncover a medium-sized laser cannon in every one of his hologram.
"--these are weapons I stole from the arsenal of your SABER police. Say goodbye to the symbol of tyranny."
All of Claude's hologram pointed their canons at the government hall and released a beam. And then, after an ultrasonic zip, a powerful thundering came after.
When the buildings and the towers of the government hall premises burned and fell, the soldiers retreated. The rebels found the opportunity to push them to the inner gates.
On the other hand, the real Claude slipped in the sewage system underneath the government recreational building. The diversion and destruction of the main hall will not took the formidable defense mechanism of the government unless he destroy the power that source them.
"The magic cube." Claude said. "I had to switch it off or absorb the power of the stars in it. Lunox, that's what shall I do?" he said, remembering his meeting with Lunox, the first Libra, when he tried to steal a magic orb.
But on his way, Claude met a heavy armored soldier. In the dark, it is easy to mistook the soldiers as an elephant if not for the clangings of his armors. With his huge shield, he comes closer slowly. And with every step he made, the earth would shake and vibrate.
Claude shot the soldier twice but the bullets ricocheted to his cheecks and his shoulders. The bullet grazed him and it made him jumped back.
"What a strange armor. My attack damages me back." Claude said.
After a few seconds, the soldiers reach a little nearer. After that, he throw a hammer covered in electricity.
Claude leaped and evaded the attack. "Woah, that's dangerous and this is hard. I don't have time to fight this. Dexter, it's about time." he said to himself.
A few moments later, the entire place became dark. All electric supply is cut off. And the defensive shields, automatic machine guns, and enemy detection and interception drones turned into scrap metals.
When Claude realized this, he smiled. And then Dexter came out from a small gap in the tunnel and jumped to his shoulders, carrying the magic cube.

When the soldier learned it, clangings and hissing shoots in his armors until he turned into a buldoze car, nearly similar to a bull in size and tenacious aura like a lion. After that, he burned his exhaust, and then he drive and zoomed to Claude with great speeds.
Without delay, Claude switched place to his hologram in the foyer of the government recreational building. However, the armored soldier rammed through the walls to find him.
Nevertheless, the carpet under Claude's feet float and fly.
"Magic?" the mechanical soldier said.
"No." Claude laughed. "It's a propulsion device I prepared earlier. Now that you know, see you around." he added before flying in the sky.
The rebels down the government hall premises began to storm inside the inner gates. The dark government hall was defenseless. Only the fire illuminated the place, which hinders the heat sensors of the soldiers. Because of this, Claude, left the problem to the rebels.
"The victory is secured." he said.
After several months, the City has fully rid of the major corruption. And Claude stroll around the place in disguise.
"Good things will come again soon as the balance between rich and the poor is slowly restoring. But I still have the magic cube. I have yet to realize the power of the stars in here. For this, I shall go to an adventure to find the first Libra, Lunox."
Thus, it ended the life of Claude's thievery for his own gains. It is safe to assume that no important items in the world will ever get stolen this year.

~thanks for reading!


Before I start reading, medyo natatawa na talaga ako pag nababasa ko ang names ng character ng ML. Edit ko mamaya ang comment ko after ko tong mabasa.

Update: Okay lang ang story. Need correction sa grammatical errors. Forte mo ang mga action na story.
Last edited:
Hehe. Sorry, ok naman yung story. Post ka pa ng marami. Tsaka di na ako tatawa sa names ng ML characters. Hehe

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