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Aug 31, 2015

2 corpses lay on top of one another; the lower corpses shifted the one on top. The lower figure grunted as he placed tossed the other on the floor. The top corpse was of female, it was disfigured, scorched and charred like a burning charcoal oven. The lower figure was lucky; he had instantaneously used the singed corpse as a shield at the very last second of the blast. Despite him surviving the blast, he was dying from the shock he could already feel it in his veins, his head felt so woozy and his eyes glinted into the sky dumbfound and lost, as if he had entranced himself into an enchanted dream. He felt no touch. He heard no sound. He could see the blinding light of the scorching sun caressing against his face. He felt no hate. He felt so peaceful.
So this is how it feels when you’re dying.
He smiled, then his face crumpled to a sadden look. The regret crawled up his spine, making his body all the more sluggish and hard. Just when he was about to fade away with regret the sound of minute footstep could be heard. Then an umbra of a shadow appeared in his field of vision, a figure slowly descended on him, a straw hat, a familiar hard face with slanted eyebrow, it wasn't just anyone it was Fred! Strengthening himself with his remaining stamina he turned to look face to face with the man he hated the most in his life. Despite that he had no feeling in him, he felt emotionless and empty.
"Fred?" the scientist croaked.
Fred seemed dumbfound, confused at his identity being blurted out as if familiar from this stranger.
"Umm Do I know you?" Fred questioned cautiously.
The scientist *****led a dying laughter and coughed out blood as he was fading away into the shadows of Sheol.
“Oh my god your coughing blood, I should call the flying doctors service to get you out of here ASAP! Don’t talk, don’t waste your strength, I’ll get help as soon as possible” Fred said.
“No!”, the scientist protested, still defiantly refraining from dying yet also from keeping quiet.
"Fred...Fred...I wish I had known you for longer but this might be the place where I must depart from you" the scientist said.
"What? How? Who are you? How do you know me?" Fred demanded.
The scientist let out another *****led laughter, this time spillage of blood from his mouth was apparent as he was wheezing. Fred paused and waited for the scientist to converse instead of him butting in.
"I think I've learned from experience Fred, You just can't hate anyone forever and ironically my own creation has taught me that" the scientist said while smiling, baring his bloody teeth.
"What do you mean?" Fred questioned, obviously lost.
"I envy you Fred, I hate and love you, you’re so close to me, yet you might not realize it" he said while reminiscencing. He rummaged his coat pocket a gave a letter to Fred. Fred accepted the letter and kept it at his side.
“Don’t open it until I’m not around” the scientist wheezed.
“Huh? What do you mean not arou-?”
“Silence, do not **** in while I’m talking Fred” the scientist commanded defiantly yet dying from the conversation. Fred nodded reluctantly.
"I shall tell you why this happened, I just hope this might clear things but before that I need to tell you the background of the cause, me. I was born around here, I had one mother, no father, he abandoned me the moment I was born...Then sadly on my fourteenth birthday my mother died of a heart stroke, reliving a memory off losing your loved one is a nightmare”, the scientist said darkly.
Fred nodded agreeing and offered him to continue.
“I was then placed in an orphanage from there I was raised. My caregiver had been my mother's maid and explained everything to me about my origin and from there I discovered my other family...my father's side. By the time I heard about him he had already passed away and left his inheritance to his only son. Obviously I was angry, since he hadn’t given me anything and the fact that he’d abandoned my mother and me when we had just been together as a family for a few seconds”
Fred nodded oblivious to the story, yet he was interested, then he smiled.
The scientist blinked his eyes, breathing in deeply he continued. “From my youth I was inflamed to hunt and destroy the offspring of my father; I hated everything he stood for, his life, his wife, and his children and how he could live such a life of happiness. I grew accustomed to this hatred, I nurtured it, lived with it and it lived of me like a leech. It was sucking the life out of me...just when I thought I had lost hope from my zealous hunt ending failure, I met my wife Katie. Everything seemed to disappear when I met her, for the first time I was actually happy in a long time, my clouded vision, everything I had strived for through the nurtured hate seem to disappear, but I knew that it wouldn’t last when a half depressed man would continue to nagger his wife into solving all his problems for him. She left me eventually.”
"I'm so sorry for your loss” Fred said while his eyes turned bloodshot red.
“Please don’t be” the scientist murmured. “May I continue?”
“Yes please do” Fred nodded like an obedient dog.
“When Katie left me, all I had left of her was a Hello Kitty doll. I know it seems so stupid but I treasure it more than my life. I still do love her, don’t get me wrong but she just couldn’t take it anymore, my ticks from Tourette and my constant nagging it just made her sad just as much as I was...The day she went out that door, a feeling of dread consumed me, a lurking shadow of hatred anger were inflamed to blame the father of the cause which had left me to witness my mother depression and death and inevitably the sole cause my depression. Since I couldn’t do anything to my own father, all I could think of was to attack his loved and cared for offspring. The very essence of his existence sickened me every day, it turned my gut inside out and hurt me so much that I was placed in a mental hospital which I escaped a year later-” by this time Fred was sobbing, eyes blood red yet and tears brimmed from his eyes. “I hate this son and his father already from your loss, I’d hate that man” Fred wailed. The scientist *****led a bitter laughter. He so honest and true, a gentle harmonious spirit the gods have blessed.
“You should really reconsider if you’d hate that man” the scientist said.
“No...I would thoroughly hate him” Fred retorted, shaking his head.
“You won’t when you meet him, he’s honest and virtuous” the scientist said while smiling.
Fred was held in utter horror, disbelief in what he just heard. Fierce anger swelled up through his chest like a thunderstorm about to be released into the world but he kept it in for the sake of this poor man’s dying condition. It seemed like a passing thunderstorm missing the village. He should be given the last minutes of his life in peace rather than in more sadness and grief from a stranger’s sympathic rage.
“I don't know who you are?”Fred said sincerely, wiping away his tears and controlling himself.
"You will know" the scientist said, "I just wanted to know you better Fred, just you"
Fred nodded not knowing what he meant. “Just me?" Fred replied confused.
“I’m Fred She, I enjoy my life with my beautiful wife, 2 gorgeous boys that the lord has blessed and I like my farming and flowery because it’s practical and it give me satisfaction to see thing grow into things that give pleasure to people. Despite it being low pay...I still enjoy my job to put smiles on others, I think that would be my wage.” Fred said enthusiastically.
The scientist nodded approvingly at Fred’s reply.
"Come closer Fred and I’ll tell you who I am, right after I tell you open the letter" the scientist said, Fred nodded.
Fred closed in closer, cautiously placing above his ear against the scientist. The scientist told a dying message.
"Darren" he whispered then he slumped down slowly lifelessly into the wind with a grin on his square face.
Fred stood dumbfound then he, carefully opening the letter he found a bunch of writing which he found similar. The first was so surreal and seemed so unlike what it was. It looked like the threat letter smeared with blood but it was different, it didn't have the threats but just had the gibberish.

Dear Fred

I've Foul o redy
I love you Fred

I'm 'R' Rosy

I, my, our vinglo

Tin hag the bro half

Mean 'C' give for you


Oh My God, It's an Anagram! Fred quickly raced his mind to figure out the code that the stranger had tasked him to complete. He scribbled the letter with a mind that paced up and down. After 30 painstaking minutes of hard brain working he had finally figured out the code, he was swepted away. He stood there dazed as if he felt a shock of great magnitude.

I've Foul o redy
I love you Fred

I'm 'R' Rosy
I'm Sorry

I, my, our vinglo
I'm your loving

Tin hag the bro half
And hating half brother

Mean 'C' give for you
Can you forgive me?

* * * *
His eyes brimmed with hot tear which splashed down his soft cheeks. He cried and laughed tossing away the letter as the wind spirited it away. His eyes were of dying pale glint, a man now filled with loss and sadness as the last of his family members were swept away into the void of the winds. So Darren was Rendra, his favourite pen pal, the figure that always hided in the hills watching me, the man who hated him the most and his father too, the man who threaten his life, his wife, his children and his land...yet he didn’t know one thing that could’ve been the forgiven him for these crimes. He never knew he was his half brother. He could feel the crushing weight of his grief, as he slumped down to embrace the dead man that was his brother.
"Yes!" the farmer shouted into the blue. "Yes! I Forgive Darren, Come back! Please I don't want to lose another person from me please Darren come back! I just came to know you! I don’t care if you hate me I still love you" he yelled helplessly. He wailed and howled on and on. His eyes were sore and red from sadness, tears rolled down his necks and cheeks and it splashed the ground like hard mercury. He felt the hardening cold air cooling his cheeks and the sun beating on his back as if to comfort him from his grief. He held his brother in his arms and wept all day, all night and almost for an eternity.

1 Week Later

A slow breeze passed between a sleek priceless marble stone, it was curved on the tips with great extent. The polishing was flawless, it glinted in the sunlight and a looming figure was standing in the bitter cold wind of Rookwood cemetery in front of a particular cemetery stone. The figure was wearing an all black set excluding the shirt; his hair gelled aback with frizzled locks. He offered prayers of peace about the deceased person that laid there.

On the gravestone laid a half burnt hello kitty doll smeared animal excretement, 2 burnt out computer disks which had both “HARBRINGER” & “JESTERING JOKER” splashed on them, a cremation of the dead dog, a vast array of flowers from the first bloom of Fred’s flowery with the help of excretement and faecal matter and a trinket which was a minute vial filled with blood lied there. Further in front laid a message:

Here Lies Darren She

May he rest in peace,
Undisturbed from the world’s pain
and live with God fingers in happiness.

The figure approached the gravestone and placed a letter and a poem on the gravestone, the seal was smeared with thick maroon blood. The poem read:

May the sun caress your face
May your body feel the wind chase
Let the roads take you far far far away
A place where there is no sadness, some say
May god give you peace as you come face to face

The figure thought about the letter and what it read, from memory he reminiscenced the content of the letter it read:

Dear Darren

It's true...no matter how far you are away from one another, they always return but in great misgivings sometimes. No matter how one hates another, there is one who always loves. It’s a bond that loves and hates and runs thick in the blood of many. I think it also run in us too. Don’t you think so?

It’s the feeling of brotherhood. Forever in Blood. We are Bloodbrothers.

Sincerely Fred

Standing up still as a soldier, his eyes closed, a single tear trickled down his cheeks.
He turned away and walked away not realising that the howl of the wind was whispering “Bloodbrothers”.
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