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Crypto BF Football exit scam started - dont invest!

PHC - Lan

Mar 21, 2019
The BF FOOTBALL EXIT SCAM has officially started today.

They now require a 100% deposit of your current investment. This means that if you invested 10K PHP, you then need to deposit another 10K PHP to get your money back. Please note that LFC did the same scheme but only 20%.

They also wants their investor to use USDT/Crypto so they can launder the money easily.

If you are an investor in BF Football, Please don't send any more money to them. After LFC got the 20% required deposit, they vanished in just less than a day.
BF Football, however, is executing the scam for an additional three days.

-PH Metaverse




susunod pala ang bf football sa LFC ganyan na ganyan ang pagscam sakin sa lfc. haha. pero 300 lang naman. magwí†hdráw na kayo kong makakawí†hdráw pa at swerte pa kayo pagngsuccess wí†hdráw ninyo.


naku lods wala na yan. magsasabi pa ang bF football kong kelan maayos at may date pa pero kabaliktaran non magexit na sila kinabukasan don sa nasabing date. maniwala ka sakin. magulo na gc ninyo dba. puro process lahat ng wí†hdráwal ninyo tas ang sagot ng ng bf ay inaayos lang. ngayon humihigi na ng dagdag pa para bumalik yong puhunan ninyo at para mawí†hdráw ninyo naku wala din yan. pa exit na din si BF ngayon april. kaya kong makakwí†hdráw pa kayo at magsuccess swerte ninyo na mga lodi. good luck mga lodi. sana po eh makawí†hdráw pa kayo. godbless to all BF football.

wag mag pa scam

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About the platform: Manchester City Football Club referred to as MC is a football club located in Manchester, England, formerly known as "West Gordon of San Marco" founded in 1880. The MC football platform was established in 2017 and is a registered football bidding platform under Manchester City Football Club with an international license. The platform currently analyzes and predicts football events in all regions of the world. The company's headquarters and website servers are set up in Manchester, England, and have been certified and regulated by the British government.

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