Android App Beelinguapp v2.776 APK + MOD (ρrémíùm Unlocked)

Professora Akira

Oct 13, 2017
Beelinguapp offers a fully customizable bilingual reading experience that enables users to improve their language skills. You’ll spend your time searching for the book you want with the helpful search feature. At the same time, during use, you receive additional features and make it easy to follow the information in the book. So it is a tool that you cannot ignore in this application and is suitable for many users.

Reading a bilingual document allows users to increase their reading skills and learn new words in the work with complete ease; this method is reproduced in Beelinguapp. You can learn many different languages supported inside this application, and of course, there will always be features to keep your reading. Also, most of the books that you read have built-in audio and help you improve your pronunciation.

Easy To Use Application Interface​

In Beelinguapp, users will find a straightforward interface divided into three tabs: My Stories, Library, and More. Each feature is fully discoverable, so, overall, users won’t have too much trouble using it. After mastering these features, users will begin the first experience when selecting books in the Library section.

Choose The Type Of Book That You Find Suitable​

The Library tab gives you a list of the different types of books you might find on your own. Besides the large number, there will constantly be filtering features to assist you in finding the genres of books you often read. In addition, users who are just starting to learn a foreign language at a certain level can choose the difficulty level that suits their level by themselves. You will find a specific book and begin the download process.

Support a Variety Of Different Languages​

In Beelinguapp, users will find many commonly used languages in the world to learn a new language by themselves. Also, in the list you find, the user will see a loader. The loader will allow you to select the foreign language you want to learn and the language you are fluent in to make a specific comparison in the reading process. So, you will have yourself a list of books to be motivated to learn a foreign language.

Learn Foreign Languages With Audiobooks​

The audiobook is the medium that you often find in Beelinguapp, and it proves to be helpful during use because it makes it easy to follow. You will see a split interface between the foreign language and the original language you used. From there, you will play the corresponding audio so that you both read the information and hear the corresponding pronunciation at a customizable speed. You can also toggle the highlight of a sentence, and you shouldn’t turn it off because it’s advantageous.

Link To Dictonary App​

One nice thing about using this app is finding the link feature when you read a specific book. Reading languages always brings you difficulties, and each language has its difficulties. So you will be able to know the meaning of the words used in the book and the other meanings. Indeed, you cannot ignore this feature, making it easy to take notes and increase vocabulary.

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