Closed Bakit Zero Load but Ping Successful?

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Let me give you the details to better explain it:
  • Unit Android Mobile Phone
  • Mobile Data LTE only Connection
  • LTE Kickstart Sim Card
  • Zero Balance
  • Default APN
  • No VPN Application active
Heres the thing, pag nag browse ka - redirected ka sa Smart Home Dashboard.
Kung mag install ka ng pinger or Connection Stabilizer App ba with Constant Pinger, di ba dahil wala kang connection dapat Ping Failure dapat?
But somehow it keeps being succesful. Can anyone explain bakit ganun?
Ano yung target ng Ping?

What Im after is my speed drops lets say download or stream ako-after burst of 3-5mins it would drop to 60-150kbps then hintay ulit burst time(no fixed time frame when) BUT lets say open ako ng browser ibang site or open new video stream or speedtest BABALIK yung speed burst.

Hope anyone can help.
Screenshot_2016-04-29-14-00-34.png Screenshot_2016-04-29-14-00-10.png

*pon2 works, unstable: doesnt disconnect but speed burst-drops. Lampas na ako sa data cap, at kumakawala sa speed throttle.*


Not open for further replies.