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April fool's day: where did it originated from?

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La Freak

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Jan 16, 2013
April Fool's Day: Where Did It Originated From?

I won billions of prizes in lottery draw! Look, I flew like a superman! Wow, Free ride with my Lamborgini ? Well, obviously these were impossibly not true...it is a BIG LIE,... and someone like you cannot be fooled like these.In addition, this be maybe worst and impossible, IM *******T! Nah, Today is really April FOOLS Day! Bit of advice, don't trust anyone...just dont..anyways...

Now, while you are seeing this kind of humor and foolishness, did you know where it came from?


April FOOLS day or also known as ALL FOOLS' Day and is mostly celebrated on April 1 every year. This day will be shown and celebrated when someone is playing practical jokes and hoaxes towards another. Some would get annoyed but some would enjoyed the jokes. It depends.


But its origin is uncertain, and there were many speculations and stories. Perhaps the first to perform this celebration was dated from the Roman festival of Hilaria which held on March 25, after that, the Feast of the Fools which held on December 28.

You will notice however the dates were not fall exactly on April 1.This is because at that time, people did use Julian Calendar, but later on 1582 a new calendar (Gregorian Calendar) ordered by Pope Gregory XIII to use by the people. This declaration in purpose that people would adopt the New Year's day to be celebrated in January 1. But most people refused to accept it and they continued to celebrate New Years day on April 1 still. This is where it began to make fun by sending jokes or hoaxes. Then it was widely spread throughout Europe.
Thus, its origins is not yet known. Whatever it might be, with this day, it is considered to be the most heart-lifted day.
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