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Crypto 9Cat Saga - Game development at full throttle! Shake the world of NFT gaming quite literally.


Nov 12, 2021

A group of adventures will form an alliance and are determined to make friends with all 9Cat scattered in different dimensions. The 9Team will be expanded and speed up the development of the Play-to-Earn 9Cat Saga.

IT’s a biggest upcoming titles that will shake the world of NFT gaming quite literally.

Tell you Why? It is because these games are so well-made, mind you, still in development. But we can already rival big titles currently in the market. And the best part is, once these games fully launch, you can start earning real-life money from this game.
GO! GO! GO! 9Cat!

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NFT Games in 2022 - 9Cat

The introduction of NFTs (non-fungible tokens) has continued to prove time and time again that they have the ability to transform the gaming industry as we know it. The emergence of NFTs brings about a new and exciting era in which gamers take on even more critical roles in the gaming economy and receive lucrative rewards in the process.

This gaming paradigm is beginning to take shape as game developers are progressively adopting blockchain technology to produce more immersive gaming experiences. In this guide, we will go through some of the top NFT games introduced on 2022.

But before diving in, let’s first discuss the basics of an NFT-based game 9Cat.

9Cat takes inspiration from the crazy cat franchise and adds a blockchain twist to make the final product even more interesting. Players breed and gather NFT-based digital creatures called Axies in this Ethereum-based game.

A small amount of wild 9Cat will be discovered meowing in 9Metaverse and rushing to their masters who have supported them for the whole journey. The rest of 9Cat will still be hiding around and quietly looking for its master.

Unique reward for hodlers & diamond hands

Masters of 9Cat will receive an additional 9Fishy as a special reward for keeping 9Cat safe. 9Fishy will act as a 9Milk-voucher for you to redeem 9Milk token to further gear up for the 9Cat Saga.

Additional 9Cat utility & feature development begins

Schrödinger's 9Cat box will be invented to demonstrate the existence of the uncertainty principle. New 9Cats will soon be found, one way or another. This new species of 9Cat will disrupt the balance of the 9Cat Saga.

Merch store launching & charity

Gear up at 9Cat merch store! The cuteness overload will be ready. T-shirts, mugs, masks, pillows, notebooks, pin buttons will be available on the 9Metaverse merch store. The future of the Saga will be governed by all masters together!
9Cat supports the welfare of animals. A donation of $33,333 to a community chosen organization.

9Cat NFT games are not tough to master as they make use of popular gaming genres, with the added combination of blockchain features that are ideal for establishing rarity and uniqueness. With the raging popularity of NFT games, more and more people are starting to realize that it is possible to make a decent profit from these games.

These games are also highly entertaining and have made great strides for the understanding and adoption of blockchain. It is exciting to see the next big game that will emerge and where the industry will go from here.

Learn more about 9Cat in our article
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