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Crisis On Infinite Earth's Best Decision Was Changing Flash's Death


Apr 22, 2018
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The You must register or login to view this. crossover Crisis on Infinite Earths fulfilled You must register or login to view this.'s prophecy that the Scarlet Speedster would die in the event, but with a smart twist. The 5-hour crossover started and finished big with its first 3 installments, with some big changes for the Arrowverse's future. Since the series premiered in 2014, The Flash has been the series to place most seeds for the inevitable You must register or login to view this. that would affect Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) in the future. But when the end of season 5 revealed that the Crisis was now happening in 2019 instead of 2024, Barry learned that The Flash would die on December 10. Since the season 6 premiere, Barry has been preparing his wife Iris West-Allen (Candice Patton) and his team to be ready to protect Central City without him after the Crisis had passed.

Certain that he would die, You must register or login to view this. as the Crisis unraveled in the first 3 hours of the crossover. While Crisis on Infinite Earths honored the promise that The Flash would die, it wasn’t the Earth-1 version that ended up losing his life. In the midst of the chaos, Flash (John Wesley Shipp) of Earth-90 reemerged after having been captured by the Anti-Monitor to help power the anti-matter cannon. As Barry was getting ready to give up his life to destroy the weapon, Barry of Earth-90 stops him and temporarily steals his speed. Flash-90 explains “Mar Novu said The Flash must die in Crisis, he never said which one!” to his other self, which becomes a loophole in the prophecy, but one that actually works.

When the Monitor (LaMonica Garrett) explained to Barry in the season premiere that The Flash must die, he never specified which Earth-version it had to be. Through Flash-90’s actions, Crisis on Infinite Earths still managed to stay true to The Flash’s 6-year long promise of You must register or login to view this.. Given that The CW series is still going, it wasn’t shocking that Gustin’s Barry wasn’t the one to be sacrificed. Even if he had been, the season would still probably have ended with Barry being back at some point. But for Shipp’s version, his sacrifice not only honors the Crisis comic series but also allows his version of the iconic DC hero to get a proper ending. His series on CBS only lasted for 1 season back in the ‘90s which left several stories unresolved.

Even though Earth-90 was destroyed last year in You must register or login to view this., not much was said about what had happened after the CBS series ended. With that world gone and Flash-90 being his Earth’s last survivor, his sacrifice was more than fitting. For viewers of the original Flash series, his death becomes a series finale in itself. His sacrifice also pays tribute to the You must register or login to view this. that the crossover is adapting. Viewers of Shipp’s show also got a little surprise with a clip from the CBS series starting to play with Barry seeing Tina McGee (Amanda Pays) flash before his eyes. As he vanishes, that keeps the crossover intact while also allowing Shipp’s series to get an ending.

That moment became one of the most tragic scenes in the entire Arrowverse crossover, with two more parts still waiting to air in January 2020. It could have been very easy for the writers to somehow not honor what they planted in the pilot 6 years ago as well as what the season premiere established. With a You must register or login to view this., it’s important to live up to the stakes of the iconic DC storyline. But that doesn’t mean they can’t pull a twist or two that becomes a change but fulfills the commitment of what they had set out. But just because Flash-90 gave up his life, doesn’t mean that Earth-1’s Flash is necessarily safe just yet. How The Flash is affected through Crisis on Infinite Earths will be revealed on Tuesday, January 14, 2020, when You must register or login to view this. and You must register or login to view this. conclude the crossover.

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