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Oct 20, 2018
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Good day mga kaibigan :) Today i'll show you guys how to häçk PLDT WIFIs(yung default lang po)
Pag pasensyahan nyo na't di ako magaling gumawa ng ganito so i'll try my best.


Wifi Analyzer

So yun, need natin nyan, may 3 types of AP po si PLDT, so may 3 methods din,first is yung last 5 digits are numbers and second is last 5 digits are num and letters, third is yung hindi naka litaw yung last 5 digits ng mac ng AP(Access Point), so bigyan ko kayo ng example kung paano gagawin.

First Method
Wifi Name:
How to:
First: Copy or just remember the last 5 digits ng wifi APN which is 54258
Second: Open calculator and Multiply it by 3 so 54258*3 = 162774
Third: PLDTWIFI + result so the password is PLDTWIFI162774

Second Method:

Wifi Name:
How to:
First: copy or remember the last 5 digits of APN
Second: Use this formula:
0 f
1 e
2 d
3 c
4 b
5 a
6 9
7 8
8 7
9 6
A 5
B 4
C 3
D 2
E 1
F 0
Third: I convert mo yung 5 digits na yan according sa kung saan yung katumbas nya sa formula sa taas, so ang last 5 digits is abc12, bale ang magiging result is 543ed
Fourth: PLDTWIFI + 543ed so the password is PLDTWIFI543ed
Note: If may ibang letters dun sa AP na wala jan, ibig sabihin is hindi applicable yung method na yan dun.

Third Method:
Wifi Name:
How to:
First: Open mo yung wifi analyzer mo then dun mo makikita yung mac address ng wifi na nadedetect ng phone mo, so paano makikita yun ?, Pag open mo ng Wifi Analyzer, click mo yung parang eye dun sa upper right at piliin mo yung AP LIST then after nun makikita mo yung WIFI names ng mga nadedetect na wifi ng cp mo at sa gilid nun may mac address, like this: 00:11:22:33:44:55
Second: After that, kuhain mo yung last 5 Digits nung mac address na nakita mo sa wifi analyzer.
Third: PLDTWIFI + last 5 digits of Mac address, so the password is PLDTWIFI34455

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